Charli XCX is our favourite wild-haired, 90’s punk/pop inspired Brit artist of the moment, and she’s impressed yet again, with the premier of her new clip for ‘Famous’ at the Youtube Music Awards. The video- directed by Eric Warehim of Tim and Eric- is both dark and comedic, as it parodies viral video and social media culture. This video in three words; LOTS OF EMOJIS. 

The clip features a Charli fan girl in her natural (poster-laden bedroom) habitat, jamming to the track on a series of devices while keeping monstrous characters from occupying her room. When the Charli-obsessed fan’s device batteries die, she is forced to look away from the screen- and the face the world around her. In short, the vid looks at how social media shapes reality- or distorts it.

WATCH: Charly XCX New Video- Famous

Confronting and comic, Charli takes us on a surreal, colourful and emoji-filled look at technology and celebrity culture. Charli has definitely delivered the goods with this video; it’s a perfect match for her trademark synthy, pop rock sound.
Famous is the fourth single off Charli XCX’s latest album, Sucker.

Sucker is available for purchase on iTunes.

Ahreo Liebenberg
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