The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 22 “I’m Thinking Of You All The While” (Recap)

That’s right folks, it’s the end of an era here at The Vampire Diaries, the episode we bid farewell to so many of our beloved characters. It’s been a few weeks now since we heard news about Elena’s shocking departure and this is the episode we get the answers we so desperately crave. Unfortunately Elena’s not the only one we have to give a teary send off too, some of our other favourite characters also leave the show. I hope you have your tissues ready because it’s an emotional one!
So this entire episode was an absolute wild ride, I’m sure you laughed and I’m certain you cried but if you’re confused just follow on with me. We left off last week with Elena magically slammed against a wall and presumably in a coma, this is confirmed at the beginning of the episode where we go with Elena down memory lane. As a sort of poetic send off we begin with the place that Elena and Damon first met, Damon lying on the road. Clever as she is she understood that she was in some alternate reality and that clearly the real world wasn’t so peachy. The wedding was an absolute disaster a day that was meant to be joyous turned into a nightmare, the bride is dead and the groom is inconsolable. While Alaric grieved for the bride and children he’d just lost the gang set out to help Elena while a cloaked figure knocked out Stefan and Caroline while Damon paced trying to figure out what to do since vampire blood can no longer save her.

This left the remaining members of the Gemini Coven to try and save the day by banishing Kai to a whole new prison realm. Of course Kai is one step ahead of them and gruesomely shoved a piece of glass in his neck, committing suicide. You see if he, the leader of the Coven dies, so does everyone in the Coven. Thus, the end of the Geminis and a pretty interesting plot line. As all the Gemini’s were slowly dying on the floor as the life bled out of Kai we see a heartbreaking exchange between Liv and Tyler. Both of them are struggling to survive and Liv’s fate is doomed, so being the good (ex) girlfriend she is, she convinced Tyler to suffocate her so he would once again become a werewolf and heal himself and hopefully save the day.

Now I know you’re saying, after all Kai has done we can’t say goodbye to him with him dying on his own terms. And you’d be correct; the sneaky devil ingested some of Lily’s blood when he led her to find her family and has become an all-powerful heretic, oh shit. To truly end of the line of the Gemini’s the sick man even drank from his father to complete his transformation, and now he can continue to torture these poor characters. His first victim was someone truly underserving of his cruelty, after just laying his new bride and unborn children to rest Kai sets out after Alaric. And in a very dark twist from this show Alaric turns a gun on himself and pulls the trigger… although it seemed to be out of bullets, which only amused Kai. Thankfully we have a werewolf again, because Tyler sprung out of nowhere and gave Kai a bite that stopped him in his tracks and sent him into a state of delusion.
While Kai was slowly dying from the werewolf bite and Alaric was coming to terms with what just happened, Bonnie and Damon reunite to discover the camera that Kai left. On the camera was a message stating what he had done to Elena, she’s in a coma like state with no physical injuries, and she just won’t wake up. Unless Bonnie dies… Kai’s revenge on both Bonnie and Elena, the two best friends cannot live together, it’s one or the other and any type of magical interference will lead to the death of them both. This obviously enraged our fav duo and they set off in the hopes of killing Kai. This just leaves Bonnie grasping to stay alive and Damon leaving her to die… just kidding! I bet it got you though, in a scary moment we all thought he chose Elena’s life over Bonnie’s and even Kai seemed shocked. But in typical fashion he did it to save the day, he gave Kai a pretty sharp cut that actually beheaded him, we finally got rid of Kai and stopped the terror. Thankfully Damon then saves Bonnie, I don’t know what I would of done if we lost her too.
Now that Bonnie was well and truly alive and we’ve said goodbye to too many characters this just leaves us to say goodbye to Elena. In a very sweet sentiment we get to see Elena say goodbye to everyone before she goes to sleep for 60 years and she’s happy she could go down just so Bonnie could live. Her first goodbye was a three way with her besties as they recalled some of the good times with Bonnie and Caroline and she insisted they keep diaries so when she finally awakes she can read all about their lives and adventures just like she was there. Her next stop on the departing train was Matt; poor Matt who is always left cleaning up magical messes with nothing but a fancy ring to cheat death with. In her little fantasy she makes him wear a sheriffs uniforms, so presumably he’ll be the new sheriff of Mystic Falls and covering up magical messes for seasons to come. A much more emotional goodbye came when she visited Alaric, they talked about everyone they’d lost and she warned him things get better. And if you weren’t balling your eyes out already we get a visit from the distant Jeremy, the pair said their goodbyes once again while our hearts continued to break. Next up was a visit to Tyler and Elena urged him to get out of this life and start fresh, which he of course did because this was also Michael Trevino’s last episode on the show. Now it’s time for the real nostalgia, Stefan’s goodbye. The pair discuss how they first met and just how far they’ve come together while Elena urges him to try and be happy, which is code for hook up with Caroline. Last but certainly not least was the goodbye to Damon the pair went back to that fateful street where they romantically slow danced and confessed just how much they care for each other.

This scene cuts into Stefan following Elena’s orders and goes to Caroline to confess feelings of his own, leaving her with a kiss on the cheek. While all the emotional stuff was happening we also see Enzo and Lily back at the shipyard where a mysterious building appears once Kai dies, in it is their creepy little family of heretics. In the season finale plot twists that this show is known for, we’re left with image of a Mystic Falls we’ve never seen before, falling a-part almost like the world has ended and Matt is patrolling these broken streets looking terrified, while Damon is standing watch on the town clock. 

Is this result of the heretics being let loose? Only time will tell, that’s it for season 6 this crazy season has been laid to rest and personally I think they did a beautiful job of tying up all the loose ends while still leaving us wanting more. The Elena departure definitely shocked us all but I like the idea of her being safe in the Salvatore mausoleum, she isn’t dead, and her story isn’t finished. Well play TVD, well played.