The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 Episode 21 “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime” (Recap)

Has it sunk in yet? This is the second last episode of this insanely intense season and the Nina Dobrev situation still hasn’t been solved. For a show that has a lot of loose ends to tie its sure doing a good job of creating more drama, the finale is going to be a wild one that’s for sure. Wrap your head around the craziness now because it’s not going to slowing down.
Caroline, The Comeback Queen
It’s a wedding and how does that old saying go, “something old, something new, something used and something blue”? Well never fear we have the return of an old face with a brand new attitude, she’s obviously battled her inner demons because she waltzed in on wedding disaster and swiftly saves the panic. Our beloved Caroline is definitely back because she’s cheery and a little bit bossy as she takes on the role of Jo’s wedding coordinator. Not only is her mission as a bridesmaid to make the day run smoothly she also has her personal mission to apologize to everyone who’s life she ruined in her time without humanity. Of course it takes some serious conversations (especially with Matt and Tyler, you know trying to kill your ex boyfriends with the help of your kind of, sort of current boyfriend is very sticky situation) but it’s Caroline and she’s been through a lot with these guys, they forgive her eventually.
Brotherly Bonding
Not only is Elena unsure of Damon properly thinking through his decision to take the cure, Stefan’s not either. So the pair set out on a little road trip before the wedding so Stefan can show Damon what it’s really like to be a human.
(What really annoys me is that no one seems remember what happened to Katherine when she took it? She aged rapidly and soon died, so realistically Damon would age 162 years in the span of a couple weeks and not live to spend a ‘normal human life’ with Elena but we’ll probably have to overlook that because it’s Damon… Seriously can the writers please get their facts straight)?
Stefan takes his dear brother to quaint little neighbourhood and tries to explain to him the draining nature of being a fully functioning human: neighbours, children, taxes, actually needing food for energy, bills, and the fact that both he and Elena will need jobs to support themselves in this life. Stefan even uses some mild altering tactics to make him imagine the struggles of a human life would ensue as they may not be soul mates after all, I mean weren’t Elena and Stefan once soul mates? But it seems that Damon is prepared for his human life and plans on helping Elena get the dream life she’s craved. Meet Damon Salvatore, Bar, and Homeowner who works while his girlfriend/future wife studies her way to residency. Oh Damon, who knew that responsible could look so good on you! (Elena thought so too, if you get what I mean cause they ended up nearly missing the wedding)
Til Death Do Us Part
What a lovely evening for a wedding, what could go wrong? There’s a room full of witches and vampires, surely this wedding will go off without a hitch, right? Wrong! Even though they’re missing member of the bride and grooms party the beginning of the ceremony was absolutely lovely, Alaric’s personal vows were enough to bring Jo to tears but unfortunately we didn’t get to hear Jo’s before the chaos and tragedy began.

Kai’s Wedding Gift
Now I’m sure these pair had hoped to not have to cater for any extra numbers but of course if you forget to invite your own twin to your wedding he’d get a bit emotional. Somehow Kai managed his way out of the prison world, busted Lily out of her personal prison and killed Matt (with him being saved by his fancy ring) and left Bonnie to bleed out on the floor, oh he sure knows how to make an entrance!
And he still got to the ceremony just in time to catch the nuptials! How does he do it!? Of course he’s pretty sneaky and does this all under an invisibility spell, he has always liked the element of surprise. It’s obvious he still holds a grudge that he wasn’t invited because he chooses the middle of Jo’s vow to stab her, unable to hold off until ‘til death do us part’, his parting trick is to blow up the church, guests and glass flying everywhere and judging by the grin on his face he’s not finished here.

That’s it for this week’s episode, one more to go! Will Bonnie make it out alive? Will Jo and the babies survive the stabbing? Will Lily reunite with her family? What else will Kai do? Is this what season 7 will focus on the Vamp-Witches? Will Damon take the cure? And of course how on earth are they getting rid of Elena? Less than a week til we find out vamp lovers, get yourself ready for an episode that will probably leave you emotional and angry because I don’t think there’s going to be a happy ending.