The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 Episode 20 “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” (Recap)

That’s right we’ve made it to episode 20, we’re only 2 more episodes away before we wrap up the 6th season of The Vampire Diaries and everything is about to blow up (dramatically of course). Caroline is still missing and Stefan is still pining over her, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from turning. Even the minor story lines are heating up; Matt is on the verge of drinking himself to the grave, and Tyler is struggling to stay human. I hope you’re sitting down because you need to prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride, things are getting serious!

Never too old for a Party!
SURPRISE!!! There’s a stripper on one side and a bar full of girls on the other, so clearly it’s time to forget your troubles and celebrate Jo’s bachelorette and Alaric’s bachelor party. Instead of partying our hosts take the time to have a much needed d&m with their guests of honour. Damon gets a chance to tell Alaric all about his ridiculous plan to become human with Elena while the girls discuss the same topic of the cure. What a boring party indeed!
But, the worst part of any celebration is nasty gate crashers and their need to cause a drama. Cue Lily, the party’s about to get deadly.

Elena’s Second Chance
Instead of spending quality time with their guests of honour, our favourite vamp couple whisk themselves away for some quality time of their own. The pair takes a trip down memory lane, visiting an illusion of Elena’s old house – the place they first kissed. This little rendezvous was just the little push she needed to guzzle the cure and say goodbye to immortality. Although we soon learn that the cure not only gives her another chance at life, but it also breaks compulsion. That’s right, every single memory that Alaric once erased comes back to her but it leaves Elena unsure if Damon is ready to give up the life he’s live for 160 years. She eventually decides that Damon isn’t ready to drink her blood (and drink the cure in her body) before consulting everyone in his life. I mean, Damon didn’t even tell Stefan what he intended on doing!
Of course, it wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries if they ended things with a happyish ending. Lily decided that parties really weren’t her thing; she found the couple in their quarrel and decided she had something to say about it.

Lily’s Meltdown
Now, you have to remember that last episode Lily lost the last chance she had of getting her real family back from the prison world when Bonnie obliterated the ascendant, so of course she’s a little feisty at the moment. First stop on the plan of revenge is a visit to her favourite witch Bonnie Bennett who was still in the Diner with Jo; unfortunately Bonnie almost didn’t make it out. Bonnie attempted some self-defence and stopped Lily for about 5 seconds before Lilly manage to stab her pretty badly in the neck; there was a lot of blood. Jo on the other hand was incredibly lucky both her and her unborn child made it out without a scratch.

Next stop, her sons! Bonnie wasn’t the only one who betrayed her, Damon handed the ascendant over so really his betrayal was worst of all. She found him in the middle of a cute couple moment and knocked him out before he had any chance to save himself. Elena herself also narrowly escaped becoming Lily’s evening snack! After a serious chat with Stefan about ripper tendencies it’s clear to see that there’s no getting through to Lily and her youngest son eventually has to get her with the vervain to stop her little spree.

Alaric & Jo’s little miracle(s)
That’s right; you read that correctly it seems that the magic of the Gemini coven is still in Jo’s genes because she’s fallen pregnant with twins! While some couples would rejoice, it’s enough to send these two into absolute panic mode; even with Kai “locked away forever” the future doesn’t look bright for these little bundles of joy. To avoid the undeniable fate these two who have partake in once they hit the appropriate age, Alaric does just what Matt encouraged him too – makes the plan to flee to safety, away from vampires and away from magic is the safest place for these 4. Hopefully they get away before everything gets messy.

Kai… Back Again!?

In the last fleeting seconds of this episode we’re shown shots of Kai, very much alive and on the verge of something big. By the looks of it, he woke up the very dangerous vamp-witches living upstairs and managed to befriend them and he’s found a way to leave this world. Oh no, this isn’t gonna be good for the gang! Especially when they’re two vampires down in their usual army and Jo’s pregnant with two little ones. And we all know that Kai isn’t going to tread lightly in his revenge. Get ready for a magical war, with many casualties!