REVIEW: Ciara – ‘Jackie’ (Album)

Ciara brings back old-school R&B once again…

It doesn’t matter that it’s 2015, Ciara is still bringing that old-school R&B vibe with every album she put out. Just like what Charli XCX brings with her old-school brand of pop, it’s a refreshing return to  the old days especially if you grew up with the genre.

Speaking of childhood memories, Ciara even teams up with her original hit “1, 2 Step” collaborater Missy Elliot on “That’s How I’m Feeling”. Slow-jamming is also seen here too with the catchy and thumping “Dance Like We’re Making Love” along with an empowering feministic antham “One Woman Army.”

The album although manages to flirt with a different side of Ciara which could have been more thoroughly explored, but we will take what we can as she exposes a more emotional side on “Only One” and closing track “I Got You.”

Also deluxe buyers, there’s some nice little remixes from first album single, “I Bet” with ex-Jonas Brother’s eldest brother Joe Jonas appearing on the remix which is certainly worth checking out.

Verdict: Classic Ciara is back with a fresh batch of old-school vibing R&B tracks with a little taste of a more emotional CiCi. A must for fans of the urban and R&B genre.

Best Tracks: I Bet, That’s How I’m Feeling,  Lullaby, Dance Like We’re Making Love, Give me Love, One Woman Army.

Overall Rating:
‘Jackie’ is available to purchase on iTunes now.
Epic Records.