Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 “Two Graves” (Series Finale) Review

It’s all over…

Revenge reached its climax in the most satisfying but cheesiest ways possible.

Two Graves… Yes, graves were indeed dug for two major characters. Queen V went to her grave for real this time. BUT not by Amanda, it was her father and former Victoria lover, David!

It’s quite fitting though, as Amanda wouldn’t have gone through with it even after the hurt she has caused. David also had nothing left to lose with him having cancer, plus Victoria was the very woman that took away his daughter. It marked an evolution of David’s character, as the season earlier dealt with him struggling to let go of her.

She didn’t go without a fight still full of hate to end Amanda by shooting her in the back. Props to the writers for managing to trick us (as many questioned Amanda’s fate), only to see Amanda live to tell another story – this time of redemption and forgiveness.

It was nice to see the show connect its ending with the opening Confucius quote too which actually made me quite teary as we also farewelled David, who was revealed to have later passed away in a flashback. RIP David…

Redemption… The witches (as I called them this in recent weeks) turned into saints.

Margaux finally returned to true-form as Nolan went after he to only later crumble and question what she has done. Vowing to end the bloodshed, she joined forces with Nolan to put an end to the annoying White Gold (Courtney Cox) after learning that she stabbed Jack!

Witch 2, Louise was not impressed after learning Victoria was actually live. The former Hampton’s Queen was silly enough to confide that secret thinking she’d be all lovely-dovey and went straight to Nolan delivering the news. Good job Louise!

We forgive you Margaux and Louise & yes, you Victoria especially after that ugly mother confrontation. Evil by circumstance…

Twists?… Now onto the shockers of the night, this is Revenge and it wouldn’t be fitting if it didn’t go out with a few more shockers. Shocker 1 – Victoria put her mothers body in Grayson manner after she passed away from a mysterious illness. Oh and apparently she slept with her father (yuck!).

Shocker 2 – It was implied Charlotte signed papers to use Victoria’s heart in order to save a wounded Emily?!? BUT it was another attempt for the creators to shock us as it turned out to be a nightmare… or was it? I guess they wanted to leave us scratching our heads or too imply that her past actions still haunt her.

A happy ending… Much to our disbelief, thanks to David’s sacrifice Amanda got to live out her own life and with the love of her life, Jack (along with Carl and a new puppy!). I know cheesy, right? But sometimes cheesiness is good. After all Amanda went through she deserved to live her life in peace, now as an enlightened woman thanks to David’s infinity love.

Full circle… Even though the general gist is that revenge is never-ending and only brings heartache, the cycle of life and lessons is infinite. Amanda directed this message to us – to learn from her story.

Nolan although questioned what’s left for him without revenge, and the answer was given to him. His the kind of guy who can never stop helping people, and ended up ready to embark on someone else’s journey. Poor Nolan hopefully he has someone by his side, either way he looked happy and kind of sentimental over the way life pans out. Question is, is this just a Gossip Girl-esque kind of way to prove that life is a cycle of the past or is it to setup a spin-off series?

Overall Rating:
Say goodbye to the show with a tribute video thrown together by me:
Thank you for four great years.
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