Revenge Season 4 Episode 22 “Plea” Review

Fool me twice…

Talk about a twisty penultimate episode… Oh gosh, we will miss you Revenge!

The witch just won’t stay dead… Leave it to Victoria to fake her own death TWICE! I mean we all thought she was gone this time, with actress Madeleine Stowe confirming it in a sneaky interview.

Once they began showing what really went down in flashbacks, I knew she was alive. It made sense though, Victoria taking her own life? NEVER. Plus, something was off in that explosion angle and the way it cut from the balcony to the explosion.

P.S. How clever was she by acting deranged that Amanda was after her in that false fire-alarm, maintaining her master plan.

And it was all with the help of Margaux, Mason and White Gold?!

Another murder!… Poor Ben, despite his annoying personal rage against Amanda for leaving him he actually in the end came round after Louise handed him a piece of evidence. He hit the nail on the head when the supposed dead body of the missing woman, Mary was missing.

The only chance of clearing Amanda has slipped away, and with it a poor victim in this ruthless game. I seriously wanted to knock out Margaux this episode for her mission to bring down Amanda, even going as far to killing Ben in the process. Also who else was bugged by her elitist manner in that jewellery shop? You may work for a famous media company but you best be ready for what Amanda has next up her sleeve.

Gosh now I sound like a revenge-seeker, four years of this show can do that to you… BUT I did enjoy Margaux in previous seasons so forgive me Margaux fans (if there are any?).

Louise’s doubt… After running into Charlotte (yay!) to gain permission into Victoria’s penthouse (which Margaux oddly refused to help) Louise began seeing the cracks in her beloved idol. Queen V’s own daughter didn’t even care that she was ‘supposedly’ gone (maybe she knew deep down that it’s a sham). Now Charlotte can you somehow help a sister out of jail? I really hope we see her again in the season finale.

Back to Louise, Nolan deepened the doubt and discovering the black vest in Vic’s belongings set of alarm bells but of course instead of helping, it cost Ben’s life. Perhaps this will set the wheels in motion for Louise to again join Team Amanda?

Jemily… With David on his death bed, Jack is the only light in Amanda’s life. Knowing when it comes to good things for Amanda, means it will eventually be ripped away… I mean every man she’s been with has ended up dead. Lets just hope that this time around it’s in Amanda’s favour and that she battles the rest of her life by Jack (and Carl’s) side. We know it’s what her father would have wanted…

Just one episode left in this journey of vengeance. How will it all end? Will Emily ride of into the sunset with Jack alongside her father, or will this end in tragedy?

Bring on the final showdown! Watch the final promo EVER for Revenge:

Overall Rating: