It’s been over a month since the dramatic season 5 finale, but fear not bitches because we’re only 4 weeks away from the highly anticipated season 6 premiere. If you’ve accessed any form of any social media in the weeks since the last episode aired you would know that rumours, fan theories and hints from Marlene King have been flying around every feed but now the countdown is on til PLL hits our screens. Now we have a brand new trailer to scratch our heads at, it’s 30 seconds that lands us into the twisted mind of A/Charles and it doesn’t answer any of the budding questions of the last month.

This trailer is a very creepy little teaser for what I can assume we’re to expect for the first few episodes while Charles still has them captive in his dollhouse from hell. It’s going to be interesting to see what he’s done to them because they all look like they’ve been through the wars. Mona is basically back in Radley rocking back and forth singing a creeping version of the childhood nursery rhyme “Hush, Little Baby” (another little clue perhaps?). While our favourite little liars seem to be going in circles trying to figure out how they got there and where the hell they’re going. In addition to all this there’s another letter of the alphabet to deal with “M”, who’s leaving little messages and clues around the house for the girls to read.

While all this is happening it seems that Detective Cavanaugh is still on the case and Ali is no longer in an orange jumpsuit, behind bars and she’s also searching. Who knows when this happened, but from the trailer it seems Ali discovers their whereabouts before him. How is this possible? And what does Charles have to say about this?

Of course we can’t have anything Pretty Little Liars related without a waterfall of questions afterwards and I have some.

How has Aria managed switched up her hairstyle?

  • Are what all the fan theories have been spouting about Aria being part of the “A team” true?
  • Has Charles allowed Aria a day at the salon to keep her looking fresh while he holds her captive?
  • Why is it pink again, is she feeling nostalgic from the days before A?

How did Mona get separated from the others?

  • Is this another A/Charles trick; is Mona “M” and does she have something to do with it?
  • Will Mona make it out alive?

How did Ali get out of prison?
Is Ali really innocent in all this?
Will Toby save the day?

For my mental state I hope “#SummerofAnswers” is correct.
Get ready bitches, Charles is coming for you June 2nd

image: d.ibtimes