Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) [Film Review]

Everyone’s favourite movie about college acapella students is back with a fresh new sequel and I hope you’re ready to be pitch slapped (hard). The Pitch Perfect sequel is all about reigniting friendships, the Bella’s finding their sound again and the emotional journey of graduating and moving on from the life of being a Bella. This time around we’ve come forward a few years and the Bella’s are at the top of their game, they’re the 3 times national acapella champions! Life has sure been breezy for these Bella’s but if you’ve seen a trailer you’ll know it doesn’t last, after a mishap with ‘Fat Amy’ giving The President “a present from down under”.
The Bella’s are in a rut as they struggle with the fact that it’s nearly time to graduate and move on while trying to save them from being a national disgrace. In the process gain a new member to their acapella squad; young Emily is a nervous new face, with a unique sound that commits acapella suicide in the fact that she writes and tries to perform original songs. The original song in question is essentially the theme song of this entire film, ‘Flashlight’ (performed by Jessie J in promotion but by Emily and the Bella’s in the movie). This time, after conquering the nationals and trying to gain the love they’ve lost they set out to win the International Acapella Championships and start a little rivalry with the current European Champions “Da Sound Machine” (DSM). 

If you were a fan of the first one I’m sure you’ll love this addition to the franchise, it’s a recipe for success. Once again Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy stood out as a shining star with too many one-liners to remember and Hana Mae Lee as Lilly was as comically strange as the first time around. Our favourite acapella judges, the incredibly misogynistic John and his opinionated partner in acacrime Gail also return to commentate because let’s face it the movie wouldn’t be the same without them! And of course we still have the character dynamics of Becca and Jesse’s relationship and the flirtation of Fat Amy and Bumper and these two provide some hilarious commentary through the entire film. All while your favourite background Bella’s still have their strong personalities that shine through, offering comedic relief in the emotional parts of the film. Similar to the first movie, this sequel is centred on the friendship that comes with being a Bella, working through the struggles and coming through it stronger than ever; of course while singing some fabulous mash ups.


image: imdb