GOSSIP: Taylor Swift & Her “Bad Blood” Army!

“Cause baby now we’ve got bad blood…. You know it used to be mad love…” now if you haven’t heard the tune before get ready to be acquainted with it pretty quickly because it’s Taylor Swifts latest single and she’s planned a music video that’s going to have people talking for some time. With a line-up that could outshine the rest of the stars on the carpet at the Billboard Music Awards this coming Sunday, Taylor Swifts ‘Bad Blood is going to be an epic feature that may or may not temporarily break the Internet.

Taylor herself has been dropping hints about this film all over her instagram as she reveals the insane cast the music video as the premiere date gets closer. The line-up is a mix and match of her highly successful friends; with heavyweights from the music industry, super models and some blockbuster movie stars lend their character to the video. The cast is as follows (so far):

Taylor Swift starring as Catastrophe
Lily Aldridge starring as FrostByte
Zendaya starring as Cut-Throat
Hayley Williams starring as The Crimson Curse
Gigi Hadid starring as Slay-Z
Ellie Goulding starring as Destructa X
Hailee Steinfeld starring asThe Trinity
Lena Dunham starring as Lucky Fiori
Kendrick Lamar starring as Welvin Da Great
Karlie Kloss starring as Knockout
Serayah starring as Dilemma
Jessica Alba starring as Domino
Martha Hunt starring as Homeslice

& rumour has it we might also see an appearance from super model/actress, British all rounder Cara Delevingne. Although her alter ego is yet to be announced she’s been spotted in some pretty serious make up on set with the rest of the “Bad Blood Gang!”

Each character has a very serious demeanour with epic costumes that give off some serious post apocalyptic fight scene vibes. Will Catastrophe and her well-dressed, talented army go for a major beat down on some unsuspecting victim/s? I mean as we all know “Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes…” so something serious is going to go down! Catch the premiere of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music Video at The 2015 Billboard Music Awards, as Miss Swift opens the show this coming Sunday 5.17.15 on ABC 8/7c (or Monday, 18.5.15 on Channel [V] at 10am for the Aussies). 


image: billboard


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  1. Why does she cut the head off of a US Army soldier statute at the end? I don't understand what kind of message she is trying to say about that but that makes my blood boil seeing that.

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