The High Sparrow has reared its head, how long until it takes flight?

1. Cersei and the High Sparrow

The High Sparrow has reared his head in King’s Landing. Although he seems humble enough, more like a charitable priest than the leader of a fanatical movement, the same cannot be said for his rough as guts disciples. There is more to this man than meets the eye, and Cersei Lannister knows it. Her proposition is an attempt to bring the Sparrows into her sphere for her own purposes, to control them before they take true flight and there is no means to reel them back in. This alliance is dangerous Cersei, you know they’re not what they seem.

2. The Lion and the Rose

Most of Cersei’s desperation and insecurity stems from the first successful wedding of the series. No Imps mocked. No kings, queens, princes, or princesses murdered. A job well done. Tommen is smitten, and Margaery has dug her claws in deep. Now the real fun begins. Convincing him to dispatch Cersei to Casterly Rock, that was a bold move. Margaery is clever, but she doesn’t know the game she’s playing. Cersei and her sparrows may prove to be an obstacle for this upstart.

3. The North Remembers

I knew Littlefinger was not to be trusted. All I can say is Sansa, you are the most unluckiest girl on TV. This is the second bloodthirsty beast she’s been betrothed to. To sweeten the deal he’s the son of the man who murdered her mother and brother. The way Sansa handled the situation does demonstrate that she has grown as a character. She put on a smile, and allowed Roose Bolton to believe he has Sansa onside. It is good to see however that the people of Winterfell remember. I smell a rebellion in the works.

4. Become No One

I’m not surprised she was tired of sweeping that floor. I’m a little disappointed with Arya’s storyline so far. It seems that she does menial tasks until she kicks enough stink for the Faceless Man to bother to explain anything or give her something a little further up the ladder. It was an interesting concept this episode though. Her hesitation to dispose of Needle was filled with an incredible surge of emotion. So many characters and memories are imbued in that blade, and Needle rightly lies in wait to fight another day.

5. Ranger Politics

Finally someone wiped that slimy smirk of Slynt’s face, and put a blade in his neck. Jon was a spitting image of Ned Stark in that moment. He handled the situation as nobly and swiftly as his father. No one is in doubt that Jon is Lord Commander, least of all Sir Allistair, who might think twice before repeating his lackey’s defiance.

6. Stop Him! He has the Imp!!

Jorah Jorah Jorah, do you really think Danaerys will forgive you for bringing her the Imp? He has more fury waiting for him, as well as potentially condemning another. How hilarious would it be if he was punished for returning and Tyrion was treated somewhat decently. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. I hope for some resolution on this plot line next episode.


Many characters have taken flight like a sparrow this episode. Cersei has jumped into an arrangement with the Sparrows that she may regret. Jorah has impulsively kidnapped Tyrion in attempt to regain his queen’s favor. Jon has spread his wings by dealing swift justice as Lord Commander. Sansa has begun to really play the game. Everyone is flying in new directions, but can they find a firm footing for a successful landing? Flying too hard, fast or soon may prove disastrous for even the most seasoned traveler.

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