Agent Carter Season One Highlights

Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season! 

To celebrate, lets take a look back at the best moments from season one, and why you should get excited about another season of Hayley Atwell returning as Peggy Carter to take down the patriarchy.

  • Peggy Carter: feminist role model
Peggy is the underdog, and her story is one that so many can connect to. Her bravery, her agency, and her unwillingness to back down are inspirational. While the show may have had some issues of representation in regards to POC characters, there is no doubt that Peggy is the hero we have all been waiting for. The season finale line ‘I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter’ was such an important message that summed up her character, she defines her own worth and doesn’t need anybody else to tell her.

  • Peggy Carter using inanimate objects to knock the living daylights out of her enemies
Every character in the Marvel universe has a distinct fighting style: Peggy’s can be described as ‘bulldozer with red lipstick’. Whether it be a briefcase or a stapler, Carter’s fighting had an elegancy of desperate humanity to it, and it was amazing.  She’s no superhero, but she can pack a punch, and do it looking fabulous. 

  • The British duo
Carter and her sidekick Jarvis fighting crimes and saving lives is something I want to watch forever.  The friendship between Edwin ‘I just panicked’ Jarvis and the super competent agent was filled with classic one-liners and great comedic timing that called viewers back every week.  Jarvis’ loyalty and faith in Peggy despite his allegiance to Howard Stark and the dominant sexism of the 1940’s was a standout story arc on this show. 

  • Female friendships
Breaking the ever-present trope of female friendship stories based around jealousy and competition, this show presents highly developed female characters living together and developing great friendships.  Peggy and Angie’s relationship is based on a mutual support system in battling long days at work and the need for female companionship.  It’s a reminder that our hero is still human, with flaws and needs, and it’s beautiful.

  • Cinematic gold
There’s just something about this show that makes it look fantastic. Perhaps it’s the era: 1940’s style costumes, romantic lighting, jazz music and fantastic sets, or maybe it’s the superb camera work through the eight episodes.  A standout scene for me was the diner fight; shot in one take and with seemingly effortless camera work set to a jaunty jazz tune, this scene is the epitome of cinematic brilliance this show strives to achieve.
In a world of male dominated perspectives in media stories, supporting a show staring an incredibly powerful woman with self-assured agency is so important.  Agent Carter is Marvels’ first attempt at a female driven story, and I hope it’s success means we are about to get much more in the future (Black Widow movie, perhaps?).
Whatever hijinks Peggy and her sidekicks get up to in season 2, I am so here for it. Bring it on!