Here it is what we’ve all been waiting for! This is an episode full of crazy stories and it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for all of our beloved characters. Get yourself ready for all the drama to unfold as we witness the cunning plans formed with every intention to cause pain and havoc. Episode 19 is one that leaves you wanting more as so many of the unresolved questions of previous weeks finally get an answer. Strap yourself in because you’re gonna want to be paying attention for this one, but if you’re too busy ogling a Matt without a shirt, I understand – I’ve got you covered.

Hotel for Vamps
Never fear, our crafty Salvatore brothers have a new plan to force Caroline to make the switch back to the land of the feeling. It all begins as Stefan puts his acting cap on and tricks her into believing he’s still Stefan the ripper, on the hunt for fresh blood. They take refuge in a neat little B&B where Damon takes matters into his own hands shooting both of them with a vervain bullet (Thanks for taking one for the team Stefan), effectively knocking them out so the blood drain can begin!
Both Damon and Elena use varying taunts in the hopes of breaking Caroline but are left disappointed as she stays firm in her stance of cold hearted bitch, even burning a letter a mother wrote before her passing.  Unfortunately the lack of blood is too much for her and her body starts to break down while she has to live through some wild fantasies with the help of Stefan who tries to change them for the better. Each scenario differs, but with a recurring theme; her mother. Eventually the pain of seeing her mother is too much for her, as she stabs Stefan with the intention of killing him. Thankfully Stefan is stronger than we thought, he powers through while still showing her memories from her mother. The last vision, a conversation held between Stefan and Liz is the breakthrough for Caroline and it leaves her mourning for both her mother and the burnt letter she ruined. Poor C is left destroyed as she lets all the emotions back in and she flees for some time alone. 

Bonnie’s Breakdown
Ever since her return we haven’t seen much of Bonnie, unless it’s because someone needs something magic related or they need to tell her something that’s going to leave her in a rage. Once again Damon is the bearer of bad news and he thinks bringing a coffee is enough to calm her as he informs her that he stupidly gave Lily the ascendant, but he promises Bon-Bon that there’s no way she can use it to free her Vamp-Witch companions. Of course Bonnie is much smarter than that and develops her own plan to find and destroy the ascendant. Although Damon has other ideas, he wants it back. They end up having a standoff and Bonnie kind of throws a tantrum but with good reason, in her rage she gives him the ascendant and lets him make the decision. He was obviously scared by her outburst and he returns the ascendant and backs out of there as quickly as he can. In the end Bonnie is successful in her magic and turns it to dust. (I think? I hope!) 
Only next week will tell if her magic worked or if we’re going to have to deal with a whole new breed of crazy.
Lily’s Revenge
Now, we have to remember that Lily isn’t the sweet, innocent mother that Damon painted her as when he got Stefan back; no she’s actually a very manipulative woman with ripper tendencies. And I bet you can imagine she wasn’t too pleased with Damon when she discovered her precious ascendant missing! Well she gave her son an earful with one very serious threat, she gets the thing she desires or she destroys the cure for vampirism. This is enough to send Damon into a panic and he attempts to stop Bonnie but we all know how that worked out, he proved more scared of Bonnie than Lily. Of course Lily is less than impressed with Damon’s efforts and does not play the loving mother card, but instead the vengeance card as she pretends to destroy the cure. Damon is visibly relieved as she throws it into the fire, he gets what he’s always wanted – an eternity with his beloved Elena. Too bad Lillian Salvatore is more spiteful than her son had ever imagined, while she was lecturing Damon she had set out the cure for Elena to find and she does just that.
Oh Damon you’ve got a bit of explaining to do don’t you!

What does The Future hold?
Earlier in the episode both Damon and Elena played a round of “what would life be like if we were humans” and fantasied about having kids and growing old together. Elena eventually accepted that she could never have that life and was content, but now she knows the life she so craves isn’t impossible. After another heart to heart between the pair Elena tries to palm off the cure to Bonnie’s mother or Caroline before deciding that she could take it and live the life she wants. Damon eventually apologizes for lying to her and in a very odd twist confesses that he wants some of the cure so they could be together properly.
This of course raises a couple questions.
  •          How much of the cure does a vampire have to drink to become human?
  •         Do they not remember when Katherine took the cure and aged at a rapid pace as she caught up to her mortal age?
  •          How does this fit in with Nina Dobrev leaving the series in 3 episodes time?

If all this doesn’t get you pumped up for the next few episodes I don’t know what will! Stay tuned fellow vamp lovers because I have a feeling it’s going to get good.