The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 Episode 18 “I Never Could Love Like That” (Recap)

After yet another hiatus we were finally given a new episode of everyone’s favourite vamp drama, but was it worth the wait? After nearly 4 weeks away from Mystic Falls/Whitmore, the new episode left didn’t leave me mesmerised it left me feeling flat, like Kai drained every ounce of magic from me. Especially after news that Nina Dobrev (Elena) will not be making a return for season 7, I was gearing up for emotional turmoil due to her upcoming departure but instead we were given a filler of sorts, focusing on other characters. Although I’m sure this is the producers setting us up for whatever they have up their sleeves for an Elena free Vampire Diaries, so watch this space it has it get more interesting from here right?

The Humanity Battle
Another episode, another day of torture for the new Vampire power couple terrorizing any innocent they can find. While Damon is still convincing his mother to help him flip Stefan’s humanity switch back on, Stefan is living his demons by hurting as many people as he can. It’s a constant give and take with Stefan and Caroline with them both killing to please the other and no one is off limits. While we were all treated to a quick round of karaoke from Caroline herself, Matt and Tyler walk into a bar full of compelled dummies and attempt lead much to Stefan’s displeasure. This leads to a fun little game of ‘who knows Caroline better’ with the loser sadly losing their life. The boys unfortunately lose the game and after a little showdown and tricky manoeuvres from Caroline Tyler tries to stab her and ends up stabbing poor Matt. Thankfully they are able to escape to the hospital due to Damon and Lilly crashing the party where Matt then refuses to take Elena’s blood.

Understanding Enzo
In a neat little plot spin off we are given some back ground information into the elusive Enzo, we learn about his past and how he became the vampire he is today. In an attempt to drop Sarah off to Damon, Enzo has a little run in with the lady of the household Mrs Salvatore and its clear there’s a bit of blood there, even if Lilly doesn’t fully remember him. As we listen in to Enzo retelling the story of his past to Sarah we learn just what made him this way. Enzo was not always his charming, heartless self – no he was once a poor little boy from 1903 who was too sick to travel to the promised lands of New York to hopefully find a cure for his ailment. It was Lilly who promised Enzo a family, a turn to live the high life and cured the sick, little Enzo by turning him into a Vampire. He then awoke to a ship full of bodies and a missing Lilly, so it seems that poor Enzo has some abandonment issues, no wonder he doesn’t allow himself to feel anything.

Mommy Issues
Enzo isn’t the only one left with some abandonment issues from Lilly, I don’t think young Stefan ever fully got over his mother dying and leaving him alone with his abusive father and teasing older brother. It’s clear to see when he is once again faced with his bedtime angel; he goes through the motions of confusion, denial and then finally acceptance. Mother Salvatore gives her youngest son a pretty convincing speech of how much she loves and cares for him, if only he knew she was prepped by Damon, She even admitted to him that she doesn’t feel an emotional attachment to either of her boys, it would be enough for him to flip his switch to the bad side permanently. Although the speech isn’t entirely true, Lilly admits that she is also a ripper and Stefan eventually comes to his senses and returns to his normal, caring self with a mission to restore Caroline.

What are we going to do with Elena?
Now we all know that Damon and Elena’s love affair is quickly coming to end, it doesn’t actually seem like it. The pair are still pretty much inseparable as they continue to shower one another with affection and terms of endearment. But the two are struggling with their own personal demons; Damon with the cure for vampirism who is unsure whether to mention it in fear of losing her and Elena who’s surrounded by the life she once craved, Jo with her pregnancy as well as her upcoming marriage. Who knows how they’re going to leave this one, only time will tell.

One other tidbit that I should probably mention, a storm is coming to Whitmore… get yourself ready for a new breed of crazy, Vamp-Witches. Yes, that’s right the “family” hiding out in Lilly’s attic are siphon witches just like Kai, who were given a constant magic supply thanks to Lilly who turned them so long ago. Will our team be able to escape this before it hits or will they be left cleaning up the debris? Get ready because it’s going to be a wild ride these next couple weeks!