Is Emily/Amanda about to rot in Jail?

As many suspected, Amanda was blamed for last week’s Victoria suicide.
We dissect this week’s shocking and kinda predictable episode below.
The BITCH set me up.. Quote of the season hands down. Victoria seemed like she had given up but really she now has the upper-hand from the other side (if she is even dead?).
Yep turns out Mason returned to working with Queen V and was playing Amanda. I started to put the pieces together when Amanda phoned his phone, only for it to be disconnected. He then showed up in her car pretending to have the flu only to set-up clues to frame her for Vicky’s murder.. yep hair, blood etc.
Although Emanda is certainly no angel she does not deserve a miserable ending, especially witnessing just how cruel Victoria can be (even though I still sympathise for her too). Despite my wishes, there is certainly a feeling of being careful for what you wish for in the air as we approach the series/season finale (if lucky).
Nolan’s happiness slips away yet again… If you thought you had a bad love life, think again. Poor Nolan, an inch of happiness wiped away yet again. Tony, although sweet is about to become a adoptive father which calls for having no partner (which is kind of strange tbh) as he thinks Nolan would feel left out.
I think we haven’t seen the last of these two just yet, unless the show-runners are planning to turn Amanda and Nolan from BFF’s to lovers? Which I’d actually totally be down with.
Jack’s hope returns… (well kind of) Jack’s case of the Amanda just can’t be shaken. After vowing to resist his childhood love and follow his mothers words of advise by taking up a shirtless-sunny life in LA, he ended up finding himself back at Amanda’s door.
It all was triggered by Ben actually, who dished the details that Amanda chose him. BUT forget a longing passionate embrace as Jack arrived just in time to witness Amanda being cuffed for Vic’s murder. Typical right?
Happy family no more?… Amanda finally discovered that her father is ill after overhearing his alibi on the night Victoria killed herself. The two then shared another emotional scene together over the potentially sad future in store. It’s bittersweet that Amanda got to have some more time with her father (on good terms) only to be possibly wiped away yet again (which I’m 99% sure will happen).
The two witches scheme away… From hateful enemies to revenge-seeking BFF’s Louise and Margaux have continued their union to avenge Victoria. At first they believed the suicide attempt until discovering blood in the apartment she was staying at, the two then of course suspected Amanda.
Could the girls go a step further and team-up with Mason? Judging by next week’s promo it certainly looks so.
Charlotte’s back, Amanda is in an orange jumpsuit and attacking Margaux! 
Drop everything and watch the promo for the second-to-last (potentially EVER) episode below.

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– Shahbaz Malik.