Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 “Burn” Review

Up in smoke…

Can things feel anymore final? I mean WOW, I did NOT see one of our faves go like that! This is why we love Revenge, never afraid when it comes to twist and turns.


Queen V comes to a fiery end… Things were certainly a little off with Victoria this week as she was quite on edge. First looking shaky within her apartment, to being quite rattled after a random ambush by a Emily look-a-like (who still remains a mystery). She became quite deranged when a false fire alarm went off thinking it was Amanda’s doing and that she would pounce at her at any moment.

Fed up with being on edge, Victoria finally ended the feud in the most psychotic and fitting ways possible – by committing suicide! Vic bought back her famous chair for the game-changing moment as she headed to Grayson manner dressed in red (possibly her fave dress?) and blew the place to ashes along with herself.

I’m quite sad to tell you the truth, as Victoria was quite the flawed character and despite her evil/cold exterior we somehow sympathized for the ice queen. She too was like Amanda in some ways, a robbed childhood turning her into the ruthless women she became.I mean she never caught a break, from one childhood mess to marrying the cruelest billionaire ever, Conrad Grayson who used her to the point of making her turn against here true love, David Clarke. In the end, she too lost everything she built along with her treasured and beloved son Daniel.

Okay enough of me lamenting over Vic’s damaged past, we will miss you Victoria Grayson 🙁 RIP!

Amanda a goner?… With Victoria killing herself, what does this mean for Amanda?

Well, it likely looks as if she will be headed to trial (possibly prison for life) judging by recent BTS photos and press releases, ultimately digging her own grave. After-all the season finale is titled “Two Graves”. It would be a fitting conclusion though, due to the famous Confucius quote being used way back in the pilot.

It seems as if Victoria has had the final laugh, unless things take a positive turn before the possible series finale. Also on-top of all the hell about to be unleashed, her father has cancer!

Jack moves on… Talking about doom and gloom, Jack also exited the Hamptons for LA to live with his son Carl and mother Stevie in peace. He saw no way of truly moving forward with his life, and can you blame him after all the trauma his gone through?

He was fed up of chasing Amanda all his life, Nolan desperate to keep him at bay told Amanda of the news, and she of course finally saw the error of her ways and tried to stop his plane but was of course too late. Boooo!

There is still three episode left so Jack ain’t gone for long peeps, especially with the fate of Amanda up in the air.

Nolan moves on?… Jack wasn’t the only one moving on with his life, with Nolan attending a fashion event with new beau Tony. That scene alone won me over, the two definitely seem to compliment and understand each other especially the fact that they are both optimistic. The way Tony got over Louise’s drama attempt shows he is quite like Nolan.

Mason (who also returned after being MIA last night) was indeed correct when reflecting on the devastation and effect Emily has burdened her loved ones with. Now that she is Amanda, everyone is ready to get on with their lives instead of mopping around. Or maybe Mason is just mad he didn’t get his exclusive!

I must say, the closing speech and montage was superb. The emotions, cinematography, Grayson explosion along with Mason’s words were resonating and memorable. Props to director Kenneth Fink and episode writer, Ted Sullivan for constructing such a beautiful closing scene.

The remaining witches… Okay saved for last, as they didn’t do much for me this week was Margaux running around like a headless chicken trying to protect Victoria. Can Margaux do something better for once? Pleas writers.

She was quite underused tonight, along with Louise too being Victoria’s minder for the night. I liked Louise when she was on Nolan and Amanda’s side, now she’s just as rigid as the current Margaux. How can she even forgive Victoria after ignoring her so much before? If she’s not there for you at your worst, why be there for her at your best?

Margaux even managed to forgive Louise in the end after nearly killing her, in a pact to protect Victoria. Well i guess that now translates to them avenging her death once the wicked duo find out…

Overall Rating:

What will happen next? Find out in the promo for next week’s episode “Aftermath”:


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