Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 “Exposure” Review

Is this the beginning of the end?

Revenge took a journey down memory-lane this week, while at the same time set up the final four episodes.
Lets take a look at the new developments of the night. I’ll try my best to now say Amanda, since Emily’s dead.
Amanda exposes Victoria… After Victoria threatened to expose Amanda for her crimes via Nolan’s USB, Amanda jumped head fast and stole her exclusive tell-all to the media.
Amanda dished out the truth for the first time, on the horror she was put through as a child while at it exposing and showing sympathy to Victoria over her too robbed childhood. 
BUT Margaux wasn’t having it, promising Victoria to avenge Amanda for her harsh words.
Come on Margaux can you please get your s**t together? Like really, one minute you hating on Amanda then defending her then to hating again. She admitted that she lied about the baby-loss, but seriously can you not see who the real enemy is for once?
Nolan and Amanda’s friendship tested.. Now that Louise betrayed Nolan by giving the USB to Victoria, Nolan is in deep-water with Emily/Amanda. She questioned why on earth would he want to keep record of their adventures… Nolan’s answer was simply for memories.
Umm Nolan? I admit that’s a bit silly as I thought there was another reason as to why he backed up all that incriminating data. Jack comforted him although and managed to help through his guilty feelings. There was no re-conciliation between the two tonight, so who knows whats in store for this friendship as the show possibly comes to a final close.
Father-Daughter time… Amidst all the drama between Victoria and Emily we got some more real father-daughter love between Amanda and David. The flashbacks were really sweet and touching, as to how much love they have for each other.
Also it was cute to see all the Amanda and Jack love rehashed and to see poor childhood dog, Sammy. RIP 🙁
The three witches… Louise, Victoria and Margaux have made a pact and seem bound to destroy Emily and co. but is this mission doomed for failure with Louise already seeming to forgive Nolan again and Victoria vowing for defeat.
Looks like Margaux is on her own again if she wishes to pursue Amanda once more.
Amanda better watch her back… Forget about the wicked threesome, there’s someone on a tropical island out for Amanda. I mean they even circled Amanda’s face with a red sharpie!
Who could it be? And is Amanda about to be dug a grave of her own?

For now, check out the promo for next week’s episode “Burn.”
Overall Rating:

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