Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2 ‘Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis’ Recap

The Castor clones are getting more interesting with each episode.  While I didn’t care for another set of clones last season, the Castor disease is an interesting parallel to whatever is happening to the Leda clones, in particular, Cosima.  It seems both sides are looking to track down the original genome to cure themselves, so could this mean a potential team up in the future?
As we get to know the Castor clones this episode, here’s what our favourite Leda clones are up to:
Sarah: Our poor punk rocker goes through an emotional rollercoaster this episode.  Things are starting to look up with Sarah and Cal; a new house and a game of indoor hockey paint the perfect family portrait. But when Sarah find out Rudy has escaped, she puts the effort to find Helena as first priority.  She visits Mrs S to get in touch with Paul, but she tells her she is now in the dark and Sarah needs to get out with Kira.
Cosima: Everyone’s favourite scientist is now back in the labs with Scott at DYAD and we find out both the Castor and Leda original donors are lost, but Cosima still has Duncan’s decipher to decode which could solve her disease. 
Alison: Our suburban queen is now a drug dealer to pay the campaign bills and win votes.  I was sceptic about this plot line until badass Ali was back, and now I am more than excited to see what Team Hendrix scheme up in their new business endeavours!  
Helena: After a terrifying water boarding scene (in which Tatiana Maslany was actually water boarded under safe conditions) we meet the people keeping Helena hostage.  Pupok appears again as a comforting distracting from the horrible conditions in the military camp.  Dr Coady tells her Sarah sold her out but Helena’s faith in her seestras is still strong. 
Rachel: …still in the hospital plotting her revenge probably. 
Meanwhile, Kyra is captured by Rudy in search of Duncan’s research and original samples, while Seth falls sick to the clone curse and collapses after glitching.  Rudy releases Kyra and goes to find his brother, killing him in mercy. 
The city has become too high stakes for Sarah and her family so she makes the brave decision to let Cal take Kyra to Iceland for her safety with Mrs S’s help.  The clones are now on the hunt for Helena with more vigour than ever before.
Can we trust that they’ll be safe? Are things going to be different for Sarah without her daughter? Watch the promo for episode three below!
 Overall rating: 4.5/5

Pictures sourced from BBC America