Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 1 ‘The Weight of this Combination’ Recap

Orphan Black is back!

While I just binge watched two seasons in 24 hours I thought it’d be great to recap the season 3 premier, so let’s get into it!

We open with a beautiful sequence full of happy moments that is no way possible on this show, so of course it’s a dream.  Helena is dreaming of her perfect baby shower and we get a fun insight into how the manic clone see’s her ‘seestras’: Sarah is obviously exuding cool in all black, Alison is the dotting mother hen of the group with a flair for Pintrest, and Cosima is a flower crown fairy magically cured by science, dude!
But in reality Helena is caged in a wooden box with only her hallucinated scorpion to keep her company, who is, of course, voiced by the ever so talented Tatiana Manslany (who also snagged a producer credit for her incredible work in this episode!) and named Pupok.
Meanwhile Sarah and Felix are hanging out with Kira when a suspicious Delphine shows up, who is apparently now in charge because her hair is straight. There are a few things to worry about now: when pro-clone Rachel recovers from the pen being stabbed into her eye thing that happened last season, she’s going to come after Sarah with vengeance.  Also, the boy clones (Project CASTOR) are kidnapping the girl clones. The Castor clone DYAD has in custody (Rudy) wants to speak to Sarah only, and he knows everything.  He tells Sarah to count her sisters, and a head count brings up the fact that Helena is still missing, which becomes priority number one.
Delphine needs Sarah’s help with a DYAD issue: Topside is sending in a ‘cleaner’ to deal with security threats RE: Rachels stabbing incident, so she needs Sarah to grab a blond wig and act her part.  Allison is facing a suburban issue of running for school board and her husband quitting his job, while another of the boy clones (with a creepy moustache) attacks Mrs S and wants to know where Ethan Duncan and his science is (dead).
Felix and Sarah find Mrs S all beaten up, and in a moment of weakness she tells them she sold out Helena to CASTOR for information.  Sarah is obviously furious.  Finally Delphine shows up at the loft to be reunited with her girlfriend Cosima, and after a much-needed hug in all the clone madness, breaks up with Cosima. It’s the most heartbreaking scene of the episode, but brings to mind hero tropes of sacrificing loved ones for the bigger picture, and it means we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Dephine stepping up to her hero role in this season.
Sarah agrees to play Rachel for Delphine but only if she will promise to get Helena back, and then we get the most beautifully cut montage of Sarah becoming Rachel I have ever seen. This show is incredible in how it brings together seemingly effortless cuts time and time again. 
One of these is the interrogation scene where we have Tatiana Maslany playing Sarah playing Rachel opposite Tatiana Maslany playing Alison playing Sarah, essentially four clones played by one person in two bodies. Incredible.
The cleaner is only interested in Sarah’s ovaries and the clones are almost busted when Sarah as Rachel slaps Alison as Sarah (are you still with me?) and the clone swap is saved.  The cleaner agrees to meet with Rachel (Sarah) later to discuss Helsinki, the code name for a program run by Topside to eradicate clones when they start acting out and becoming self aware, and one that Rachel was about to use on her sisters.
Delphine visits Rachel in hospital to get information out of her using controversial torture techniques. Rachel has obviously incurred some brain damage due to the pencil stabbing, which presents an interesting opening for character development in this season.  She confirms the Helsinki attack with the help of Delphine’s thumb pressing into her eye socket, Delphine tells the cleaner to call off the Helsinki attack on the clones, and everything is saved (hooray!)
The moustache boy clone breaks out Rudy from DYAD, and Helena is still in a box with her imaginary scorpion.  And now, I have to wait once a week for new episodes. I should’ve paced myself…
Overall rating: 4/5