Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1 (Review)

Netflix hits all the right marks…

Marvel goes dark with it’s latest TV series (exclusive to Netflix) Daredevil, and when we mean dark we mean Game of Thrones style dark.

While it can be off-putting for Marvel’s younger audience, the show is a treat for its adult market as it moves beyond Marvel’s less successful 2003 film adaption of the same name (which I still enjoyed, mind you).  The Netflix series is much more rich in depth and captivating in story-telling as viewers can connect with the characters and their struggle to bring justice for their city.

Sequences of intense blood and gore actually makes you feel uncomfortable again, despite all the violence we’ve been desensitized too. It could be the fact that we are so used to superhero flicks being milder in detail.. but Daredevil is a huge step up and is not for the faint of heart. So yeah, if your a Daredevil this is for you!

Vincent D’Onofrio owns his role as the ruthless Kingpin.

Arch nemesis Kingpin, played by the outstanding Vincent D’Onofrio is the true stand-out, especially when compared to the films rigid and undeveloped take on the character. You actually feel sympathy and hate for him this time around – a man turned sour by circumstance, who battles his inner demons of fear and love. It really is a remarkable character to watch as you binge through the 13-episode season, you won’t even feel the 50-59 minute run-time.

Now onto the star of the show, Charlie Cox pulls of blind lawyer Matt Murdock convincingly despite being so powerful physically as his alter ego, something viewers found iffy in the film adaption. His crew members are also a lovable and quirky bunch with True Blood‘s Deborah Woll being the girl caught in the middle, Karen and best friend/business partner Foggy, played by Elden Henson (who appeared in the latest Hunger Games flick).

Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) and Deborah Woll (Karen)
make up a dynamic and lovable crew.

Netflix went all out on budget too, with the series having remarkable cinematography, opening titles alongside a moody score. There is a memorable fight sequence in episode 2, which just cant be missed especially if your an action/superhero buff.

VERDICT: Daredevil ticks all the right boxes – cast, score, cinematography.. you name it. Netflix and Marvel have certainly put together a superbly dark adult hit.

Overall Rating: