LISTEN: Jessie J – “Flashlight” (From Pitch Perfect 2)

‘Pitch Perfect’ definitely took over the world, you can’t go anywhere without hearing ‘cups’ or seeing someone try to attempt the dance and now we’re getting a sequel! For a movie all about the music it only seems fitting that an artist like Jessie J, who is also a global phenomenon in her own right lends her talents to the film in the form of a song. Flashlight isn’t what you’d expect for a movie as fun as Pitch Perfect, but instead aims to hit on the nostalgia element especially with the use of the music video. Flashlight showcases not only Jessie J’s talent but also the nature of what this film has become; it’s a light and uplifting track, a sweet little ballad.

Personally it reminds me a lot of G.R.L’s ‘Lighthouse’; it has similar lyrics and the same kind of theme. Both are breathtaking songs that represent the light that helps to guide you through any darkness you’re facing. Although they share similarities I believe that flashlight was the perfect choice, it symbolizes everything the Bella’s stand for: friendship, loyalty and, teamwork. Like the Barden Bella’s Jessie J has come through a lot to get to where she is, but her hard work and talent has paid off and she’s taking on any of the haters, demolishing her competition and proving why she is one the best in the game. Jessie J did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of this movie and I look forward to seeing it’s placement in the film when it hits theatres.
Have a listen and check out the music video here! 

image: josepvinaixa