Sometimes the world is not just black and white, but many shades of grey.

1. Arya in Braavos
“There’s no one here by that name,” just what everyone wants to hear when they march halfway across Westeros, survive capture, cross the sea and arrive on your doorstep. I really had no idea what Arya was going to do, perhaps live on the streets for a while, learning to use her instincts to survive and have some deep epiphany about life. Then she would suddenly meet up with the disciple and be taken in, and it was all a part of the training….well the disciple showed up rather sooner than I had expected, and it was the man she was looking for all along. This just confused me.
2. Seething Sands
This week were a granted our first look at Dorne, and if only tempers were as calm as the desert sands. Elliria Sand is out for blood, and she’s got her eyes on the sweet face of Myrcella Baratheon, betrothed to the son of the King. Unlucky for her, he is against murdering innocents to punish the guilty, but how long does that last in Game of Thrones? The situation will surely escalate when Jaime arrives to rescue his daughter/niece.
3. A Chance Discovery
What luck! Brienne and Podrik chose just the right tavern to stop at…too bad Sansa Stark doesn’t trust anyone except the most untrustworthy man in Westeros. Brienne is not one to give up easily. I knew she’d be back in the game!
4. The 998th Lord Commander
I think we all saw this one coming when Stannis offered to make Jon a Stark. I wanted to believe Jon would be made Lord Commander, but Game of Thrones has a habit of lulling us into a false sense of security. Bless Maester Aemon, he certainly made the right decision.
5. Black and White
Daenerys felt what it’s like to really be Queen this week. She made the right decision on moral grounds, seeing the situation as that of an unjust killing, however I believe she failed to consider the political ramifications of her actions. Daenery’s problem from the beginning is that she sees good and evil everywhere, but in Essos, as in the real world, this is not so. She needs to stop taking these things as the battle of good versus evil, and realize that in every decision she has made so far there has been so much more at stake than good triumphing over evil. She is dealing with an age old culture, and she is digging her own grave.
6. An Old Friend…Son…Pet????
Who didn’t smile at this reunion. We’ve all been wondering what happened to Drogon, yet here he is, without the anger Daenerys encountered from the other dragons. He’s grown larger, and I have a feeling he will continue to be a presence this season.
The House of Black and White. This week there were so many situations embodying the symbolism of the physical building in Braavos. Daenerys’ lack of political savvy in Meereen, Brienne’s assumption she can convince Sansa to follow her, Cersei’s assumption that Myrcella can just be broken out of Dorne, Elliria’s blind hatred of Myrcella, and Jon’s dilemma prior to his election as Lord Commander. Nothing in the world is black and white. All of these situations involve their own complexities, and the characters will need to consider complex strategies and alternative options over the two blatantly obvious black and white possibilities. Everyone needs to find the grey in their palette.
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