FILM: Fast 7 (2015) Review: Taking Things To New Heights

A long over-the-top blockbuster topped off with a heart-felt ending…

While Fast 7 maybe the highest grossing film in the fast-racing franchise,  but it suffers from Transformers-syndrome.
Superheroes with cars?

That’s right, it’s yet another over-long Hollywood flick with far too many action-sequences. While that’s not always a bad thing, for Fast and the Furious it’s a strange one. While the franchise started as a teen car-racing craze, the franchise evolved into an action escapade (similar to Mission Impossible and Need for Speed) while Fast 7 steps it up and into the superhero zone (Avengers but with the cars and no powers).

Brian (Paul Walker) taking things to extreme new heights.

From Paul Walker‘s character Brian running off a bus about to fall off a cliff, to racing out of a plane to drones hunting the gang down. The franchise has indeed pushed the envelope in believability, while this was the case in recent sequels of the franchise, this time around it’s too often and too wild. I mean who could survive all that mentioned above?

Anyway while it does falter by all this, the plot is still engaging as Dom (Vin Diesel) tries to take down the revenge-obsessed brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) for his comatose brother. There’s also a wanted computer genius gal incorporated into the story who creates a world-class computer software that has everyone after her.
Bonus points go to the flick for managing to deliver quite the fitting and emotional ending which many fans flocked to the theatre for.  That is, the tribute to the late Paul Walker who died in the midst of filming. It makes up for the often messy nature of the overall film, and leaves us with a bittersweet goodbye to Paul. 
It’s pure heartfelt, and feels as if the characters step out for a bit and the real people behind them come forward to say goodbye on-screen. 
VERDICT: If your a fan of the Fast franchise this is no exception in terms of story-line, despite its over-clustered action packed runtime. If your just there to see how they say goodbye to Paul, it might be a difficult one to get through but in the end a rewarding and fitting send-off.
Overall Rating:

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