The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 Episode 17 “A Bird in a Gilded Cage” (Recap)

Things are getting interesting in this dramatic show, we have two vampires running around without humanity, two witches at each other’s throats and now a ripper from a 1903 prison world that also happens to be the Salvatore brothers mother! Get ready for a bumpy ride, cause things are about to get wild!

Stefan vs. Caroline
As we discovered in last week’s episode Stefan has reverted back to his old ways and it’s safe to say he’s an absolute nightmare without humanity. Unlike Caroline who seems to still have a clear mind and is using her emotion free time as an escape from the pain, not an excuse to do whatever she pleases without regard to others. Unfortunately new Stefan doesn’t agree to her methods and they spend the entire episode in a battle of sorts, trying to test each other’s patience. Stefan starts the war with decapitating Caroline’s drama director with his teeth in the middle of an audition, which leads Caroline to take his motorcycle apart. They’re not exactly on the same level of evil are they? Their competition leads to them killing an innocent girl and injuring Alaric, but ends with them hooking up, so I guess we’ll call it a tie for now.
4’s a Crowd
We all know just how much Bonnie hates Kai, and we all know that Kai needs Bonnie (well her blood at least) in order to take Damon to the 1903 prison world to hopefully hijack his mother. Damon eventually convinces her to come along for their rescue mission, but she’s not going alone. With her she’s equipped herself with a rather large hunting knife and an eager Elena tagging along for the ride. Together Kai and Bonnie are a pretty good team because they arrive without any issues, they then begin their magic to try and find this worlds ascendant while Damon attends his mini family reunion. Damon’s mother doesn’t seem like a ripper on first meeting, she seems like a sweet and proper lady who cares a lot about her sons (although not enough to try and rescue them from their abuse father but Damon lets it go). She agrees to come back as its clear that her blood supply is running low, but there’s a catch. Upstairs she has an entire “family” of blood stricken, decomposing vampires seated nicely at a table and she refuses to leave without them, which obviously leaves Elena and Damon very uneasy so they tell her they’ll come back for them. This is also where Elena finds the ascendant; they have their escape almost ready!
But, wait a minute! Weren’t Kai and Bonnie on the hunt for the ascendant? This was all part of Bonnies evil plan to get revenge on Kai for all the things he put her through in 1994. Using her rather large knife she stabs him and leaves him in the woods to perish. She gets back to the gang, including a very confused Lily Salvatore just in time to use the Northern Lights to get back to the present. Kai just misses grabbing onto Bonnie, so her plan worked he is once again stuck in a prison world. A dazed and still injured Kai stumbles his way to Lily’s cabin where he discovers the cohort of vampire travellers which he finds quite amusing, until he’s turned into lunch by one of them lucky enough to receive a drop of blood from Lily before she left. Will Kai be able to talk his way out of this mess or is he doomed to die in this prison world?
The Cure
Now, when Bonnie escaped from Nova Scotia she didn’t just bring herself back she also brought back a little red vial which caused a fair bit of drama back in Season 4. That’s right; once again we’re plagued with the vampirism cure! Damon once wanted it for Elena so she could be human again, but now I don’t think he’d want to turn his vamp lover into a mortal human again. Oh Damon, what are you going to do with this one?