Things are finally getting interesting in the tiny town of Mystic Falls! We have betrayals, magic misuse, near death experiences and of course a new mystery to solve. Get out your notebooks because there is a lot to familiarize yourself with in this episode.

Blondes DO have more Fun
After flipping her humanity switch and snapping Elena’s neck, Caroline decided to truly let her hair down and get her fangs out, her victim of choice? Liam aka Elena’s old flame. But unlike other vampires after having a decent drink she couldn’t finish the dead, she let Liam go. Caroline even makes a deal with Elena and Bonnie that if they leave her alone for a year, she won’t kill anyone. Even with no humanity, Caroline still manages to have a conscience.
Somewhere along the line Caroline runs into Enzo and his latest muse, Miss Sarah Salvatore! And needless to say, Caroline is less than intrigued in her current state of mind. Maybe we’re betting off with this new version of Caroline, at least she isn’t involving herself in everyone’s business. But, as we all know our favourite Mystic Falls characters they could never leave a soulless Caroline running around leaving scars, they have to meddle and decide to bring everyone along to a rave, in hopes of flipping her switch with emotional blackmail.

Of course Caroline catches on to their plan and is pissed, she starts her own form of blackmail and it’s crafty, clever and very vicious. She manages to steal Enzos phone and capture Sarah in a bar, this is where she begins her evil plan. After alerting Elena and Stefan so they can hopefully come to Sarah’s rescue is where we find out what she plans to do to her. She plans on killing Sarah with the aid of a compelled Liam, who uses his surgical knowledge to remove organs. The only way Caroline will spare her is if Stefan flips his own humanity switch, will we finally meet ‘The Ripper’ again?

The Salvatore Mystery
Now that Bonnie is back we of course have a new magical mystery to solve, why is Damon’s mother in a prison world in 1903? And of course Mystic Falls’ new magical bad boy Kai has all the answers. Although he is less than willing to divulge any information he has, he first wants Bonnies help to find the ascendant of 1903. Which we all know is never going to happen, after Kai treated Bonnie as his personal voodoo doll in 1994 there is no way Bonnie is having any part of being Kai’s magical sidekick on this adventure.
After a lot of back and forth between Damon, Bonnie and Kai we eventually see Kai breakdown and give up the information we’ve all been waiting to here. In 1903 Damon’s mother was caught by the Gemini Coven at a dock, she was just off a long haul voyage from Europe where she left countless bodies. You see Damon’s mother wasn’t all bed time stories and home cooked meals, she was a vampire just like her sons. And it seems that she was the original ripper; guess the Salvatore name isn’t the only thing she passed down to her youngest son.

Bad Ass Bonnie
As noted before Bonnie is having none of Kai’s new nice act, even after merging with Luke she still isn’t buying it. Kai (literally) left too many scars, for Bonnie to forgive him and it seems this pent up rage is coming through in her magic. First she burns the hand of a sleazebag at the rave for touching her inappropriately and then after Damon tries to get her on board with the ascendant rescue team she gives up a full display of just what she can do, and uses poor Damon as target practice. Damon is left gasping for breath and bleeding, he now knows better than to mess with Bonnie; she is no longer everyone’s magical door mat.
Ripper 2.0?
We all knew that Caroline could be a persuasive character, but with her switch flipped she is downright manipulative. After first threatening Sarah Salvatore’s spleen she then goes for the big guns and commands Liam to remove her hurt. This is the final straw for Stefan who always vowed to keep Sarah safe from the moment she was born and without Elena by his side there’s nothing left to do but flip it. On the phone to Elena who is on Sarah and Liam rescue mission he simply asked her to “bring me back” but will it be too late? Once Elena finally found Caroline’s poor victims, compelled Liam to forget and gave her blood to Sarah to heal her wounds she makes a call to Stefan. From that call she finds her worst nightmare, compassionate Stefan is gone and in his place is a shell of who he used to be. Now we have two vampires without a thought for their feelings, will we see an unstoppable ripper duo or will their friends eventually bring them back to the world of emotions?