The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 14 “Stay” & Episode 15 “Let Her Go” Recap

Episode 14: Stay

Farewell, Little Gilbert
We all knew this day was coming, as the actor who plays Jeremy recently stated he would not be returning for Season 7, so they had to get rid of him somehow. In an episode that was already going to be emotional the writers are tugging on our hearts strings a little bit more as we also bid farewell to our little Jer Bear. Jeremy leaving is full of nostalgia and flash backs as He and Elena light it up one last time and they talk about the things we saw in previous seasons. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye as you see just how much things have changed in Mystic Falls. Oh, and as a last ditch attempt for a plot twist it’s revealed that Jeremy isn’t actually going to Art School. He’s dropped off in the middle of nowhere where it’s decided he’s going to follow the Vampire Hunter path, who knows we might actually see Jeremy along the line!
One Last Mystery
As this episode is all about bringing up the past, it’s shown that Liz is truly dredging up the past and investigating the death of The Gilberts, as she thinks maybe vampires or magic could be involved now. It’s a scenario that gets her nowhere, but works to prove that the bond that Liz and Damon have is real. The two play best friend detectives as they figure out that there was nothing but bad timing and bad weather that played into the death of Elena’s parents. I don’t’ think Elena could handle any more mysterious news at this point so it’s probably for the best, but thankfully Liz’s last case is closed.

Steroline at Last
As Caroline’s emotions are running at an all-time high it’s only fitting that she falls into the arms of the person who truly helped her control them in the first place. These two have been flirting around one another the entire season and after 14 episodes the kiss we’ve been waiting for finally happened. Let us rejoice in the new “Steroline” era and ignore everything else that is happening in Mystic Falls because let’s face it we needed some good news.
R.I.P Our Hearts
Now if you somehow managed to hold onto your tears up to this point there’s no way you made it out of this episode with a dry eye. The time we knew has been coming but we’ve been praying it won’t has come at last, the final departure of Liz Forbes, we have flashbacks from Liz and Caroline as well as parting words from Damon. This is such a heart wrenching scene, Caroline is surrounded by her friends as she emotionally breaks down while clutching her mother’s hand, that being said it’s the farewell Liz would of wanted she left this world with the people she loved.

Episode 15: Let Her Go

The Downward Spiral of Caroline
It’s been noted by Caroline that today is the worst day of her life, and as we know she’s had soms shockers in her time. Today is the funeral for Caroline’s mother Liz and it’s clear to see that she is at breaking point and even the arrival of all her friends can’t change her mood. Everyone comes out for the funeral bar Bonnie who’s still trapped and a drunken Tyler as he is not allowed entry by Matt as he doesn’t want to make this worse for Caroline. Damon gives a heart breaking eulogy where he tells everyone just how proud Liz was of the woman the Caroline has become. It sets a sombre mood for the rest of the episode; it’s a struggle to be happy after this.
At the end of this episode we are shown Caroline and Elena getting into a massive argument after this hearting day. It’s about emotions with Elena trying to calm her down and convince her not to turn off her feelings. Although it falls on deaf ears and as an end to the episode Caroline turns clearly turns off her emotions as she snaps Elena’s neck. Not sure if even Stefan could change Caroline’s mind.

A Magical Illness
It’s been awhile since we saw the likes of Jo and Kai but never fear they’re back this episode but they’re both sick. Kai shows up to Jo’s office a little worse for wear and it’s clear that Jo is the same they’ve both been struck with some kind of apparent ‘magical’ illness. They believed it to be synced up food poisoning until Kai begins to cough up blood. Kai then drops the bombshell that if he dies, so does the prison worlds – that’s right apparently there’s more than one! Kai then works his powers of manipulation and convinces Jo to merge her magic with him as he comes to the conclusion they’re sick due to the magical link. Of course this is not the case and once again Kai is left all powerful and Jo is left defenceless. As a parting note Kai lets Jo know that she wasn’t sick with food poisoning or anything magical, she’s actually pregnant.

Needless to say Jo is a little shocked and so is Alaric who was in the room, but his reaction is perfect. Alaric quickly drops to one knee and produces a ring, proposing to Jo. We’ve had a funeral but now it’s time for a wedding and a baby.

Back to Bonnie
At last, the time has come! Bonnie is finally here in current day Mystic Falls! Before the happy reunion of Bonnie and Damon we’re struck with an all knew plot twist. As Bonnie harnessed her new magic from Qestiyah and the power from the 1994 eclipse, Kai’s power struggle leads her to a shift in prison worlds and to a snowy landscape which she discovers is in 1903. After she follows some footprints, finds a notebook and is lead to a house, but not just any house, it’s a house with a framed picture of young Damon and Stefan. Suddenly without warning she was shifted back to the Northern Lights, and harnesses that energy as her escape. Before she leaves a figure emerges from the forest and before she even has time to ask who it is, she’s gone and Bonnie is back to where she belongs. After a quick reunion from her and Damon, Bonnie discusses the weird sighting she had and as she had the 1994 camcorder with her, she recorded the strange sighting. After showing Damon the footage we discover that the woman in the prison world is actually his mother.

Where will The Vampire Diaries go with this one? Only time will tell as a new episode is fast approaching!

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