Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 “Clarity” Review

That’s that…

STOP if you have not watched this weeks game-changing episode…

[Last warning]

Goodbye Emily Thorne… “Clarity” marked the end of Fauxmanda and the next chapter for Amanda Clarke and Jack couldn’t be anymore happier!

Tbh, it’s the best decision she could have made, as her friends lives were constantly being thrown in the ringer. In the process she made amends with Margaux after suffering her massive loss last week, and cleared Daniel’s name for good.

Did you hear that Victoria?… Now stop being such a b***h to Amanda please.

Louise and Nolan drama… Okay, the charm these two had has come undone as Louise suddenly wanted to adopt a child.

Nolan ran off scared as his already getting cosy with his hot social worker, which means all plans with Louise have gone out the window.

But typical Nolan, continued to bottle up his true feelings and confided in Jack over why his with Louise. The reason being is because he pities her (ouch!) to which Louise overheard.

To make matters worse Victoria planted the seeds of doubt, and her doubts became real once Emily revealed the truth about the night Daniel died. Please Louise, for the sake of friendship – do NOT go on another psychotic rampage.

Margaux good again? A sudden awakening occurred this week, as Margaux took a 180 and actually protected Emily! I still although, havent forgiven her for telling Victoria that Emily pushed her. So yeah, when are you gonna fix that one Margaux?

I’m also starting to think her Emily revenge assistant actually ran her over due to his suspicious statement on Margaux’s clouded judgement. It will be interesting to see where Margaux will go with Emily when the show returns now that Emily has given in to her demands.

Jacks mum has had enough… I mentioned this last week, but poor Jack is always the one caught in the middle. One person who realised this was of course his mother Stevie Grayson and she was not having it.

She was fed up at the constant danger Emily has put her son in, and confronted her when she asked Jack to help clear Daniel’s name. While I do think Stevie was a little to rude, after she last week praised her for rescuing her son there was although indeed some warrant to her argument as Jack is always the one sacrificing himself for Emily. But that’s only because he loves her, like even his mother Stevie knows that.

*Note* Revenge will return in 2 weeks, on April 12th.

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