Emily’s failed truce…

Emily tried to follow her fathers advice this week in stopping her revenge agenda, only for it to backfire…

Jack’s custody drama… Poor Jack, always caught-in-the-middle as he faced the fallout of last weeks cliffhanger to prove he was not driving under the influence. Thanks to Margaux and her assistant his blood sample also went missing… and due to Carl being in the car, he potentially could have lost any hope of seeing his son again.

It was nice to see Jack’s mum, Stevie again who came to the rescue in defending her sons case. While she did help, Emily had to step in and intercept Margaux’s revenge scheming by digging up dirt on the judge who conveniently was taking bribes and donations from Margaux’s media company. Never mess with Emily!

Margaux’s loss.. We saw some cracks in the new Margaux this week as she thought about giving up her vendetta against Emily due to thinking that Ems and co. murdered Lyman. But her annoying assistant stopped her from turning back, as he has his own interests in protecting Margaux’s company. DAMN YOU!

Anyway, karma came back to bite Margaux as Emily came over to make peace BUT due to Margaux’s stubbornness she refused and carelessly called for a taxi… only to be hit by it!

This then led to the loss of her and Daniel’s child. Oh, and when Victoria asked for an explanation Margaux told her that Emily pushed her!

Seriously can Margaux get any more frustrating. That’s a whole new lever of BIATCH!

Victoria’s re-invogorated revenge?… I seriously hope Vic learns the truth and sees just how conniving Margaux really is. Perhaps there is video footage somewhere? I’m still rooting for Emily and Victoria coming out acquaintances/friends at the end of all this.

Nolan gets a bf? In the midst of all the Jack drama, something good managed to come out of it as the social worker who investigated Jack ended up falling for Nolan, after a heartfelt speech on his emotional childhood.

While Nolan may be getting lucky in love, he better watch out for Louise (which he told the guy was a complicated relationship) who perhaps already sees Nolan as her true hubby and is still recovering from the death of her brother. She loves Nolan that much, that she delves all her secrets to him… like the fact that she was the reason that caused her brother’s fall.

David connects with Emily… After bonding with Stevie, David finally gained the confidence to connect with his daughter. It lead to the first real bonding moment between the two as he strongly advised not to fight fire with fire.

Emily listened, but it backfired which led to her emotionally needing her father at the end of the day. A true father and daughter moment, after-all family is always there when your at your worst.

Emily will not stop in seeking forgiveness and peace judging by the promo for “Clarity”:


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