When the leading lady becomes the side lady…

Jack’s DUI… Margaux truly doesn’t care anymore about who gets hurt in the process of her revenge against Emily. This time attacking all her loved ones, including Jack by arresting the poor new boat club bartender under suspicion of a DUI (with poor baby Carl in the background crying *sad face*).

Conveniently, Ben and Emily arrive just in time to witness the action, oh and also when Ben asks her who really has a hold on her heart… which was a nice little touch by the writers for Jemily fans.

Victoria and David = a match made in heaven… Victoria has David’s back after all as she told David she was being used by Natalie. He ignored her warnings and ended up a fool, seeing she really was a bad gal pretending to be good. Turns out Natalie was actually in LOVE with Conrad – aiming to finish his mission of portraying David as a terrorist.

Luckily Victoria was at the door to catch her confession.. Love ya Queen V!

David then came crawling back to apologies over misjudging her, only to be left red faced when Vic mentioned their was indeed some silver-lining over letting her live. Ouch!! 

I have to admit Victoria can be a biatch but their certainly is a heart somewhere under all that cold exterior.

Ben is just like Emily… SNOOZE! Sorry, the ex-wife stuff screamed filler and was kind of random for the show. It felt quite out of place too, which brought down this weeks episode for me. Since when does the main-star of the show have the most snooze worthy story-line?

One good thing that came out of this was the realization that Ben is Emily in male-form, as he also will do anything to protect the ones he loves no matter how hard it is for them to realize.

Louise makes a boo-boo…Seriously are Nolan and Louise really in love, or is it indeed a fake marriage? From taking off wedding rings to coming to agreements over relatives, they really seem like a end-game couple now.

Well with Lyman showing up and staying at Nolan’s, I kept thinking the two will after-all get together but nope! He conned his sister yet again by making a pact with Margaux to steal from Nolan, in order for him to garner the fortune to help aid his political campaign.

A campaign that will no longer be relevant as in pure Revenge July 4th fashion, was the latest victim to bite the dust after an accidental fall caused by a hissy-fight between Louise.

Poor Louise, does the drama ever stop? And at least tell Nolan about it! He after-all never seemed to like the guy anyway.

Overall Rating:


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