Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 “Bait” Review

Revenge is finally back from it’s loooong hiatus…

It’s been a while since we last saw Emily and co. and this week proved just why we missed them so much.

Let’s take a look at the return episode, “Bait”.

Emily’s dilemma… The opening scene immediatley followed what went down the night after we saw Ems make-out with Ben. And yes, they slept together…

Gosh, is it just me or does Emily move quite fast in bedding her men? I mean she rocked up with Daniel to be a convincing lover, did the deed with Aiden after an emotional confinement and now Ben!

Anyway, Ems is quite the desirable lady with Jack also finally fessing up his feelings for her. But it’s a little too late as Emily turned down the offer to re-ignite their passion. Perhaps she’s moved on with Ben? Or is cleverly stirring up some plot to protect Jack… (Also this screams nearing series finale as the creators look to be coming full circle with the two.)

*Tbh* this was hardly Emily’s episode as she felt like a back-story this week with the spotlight revolving around other characters.

Margaux loses it… again! With her conflicting feelings over the expense of exposing Jack, Margaux went full steam ahead in trying to release the evidence to expose Emily.

But of course, no one beats team Nolan, Emily and Jack (and now Louise?) as they intercepted her plan by getting Louise to show up instead of Emily to divert the investigation. Jack also cleverly tried to show Margaux his innocence, but sneakily got baby Carl (aww, his so grown up now!) to give her a bracelet that tracked her security clearance. YES, that means Carl is now in on it!!! (Jokes)

Anyway Emily then confronted her in one of the most bitchiest and best Emily “you got served” speeches as she implied that she is indeed better than Margaux (Ouch, Emily!). But that serving did not come without a price as Emily just had to play on the fact that Jack was in on it (which I thought was quite silly, since she will now target Jack).

She then had a hissy-fit and smashed the bracelet, and by episode’s end threatened Ben to help her bring down Emily by showing a photo of his ex-wife. Oh oh Emily, it looks like Margaux has discovered your weakness and is about to come after all your loved ones.

Are Nolan and Louise actually an item? While Louise helped out Nolan and co., we kind of saw some real love there. Whether that is just friendship remains to be seen, but judging by Louise’s dedication and wanting to spend time with him on their fake honeymoon there just maybe something more.

Why not? I do kind of like the two together, but kind of imagined Nolan ending up with a guy… anyway their both great together so if they are endgame I won’t complain.

Victoria’s failed inheritance… Talk about comic-relief, even though Victoria’s story-line is kind of corny I still loved her classic serve-face over Gina Torres’s character, Natalie who miraculously dated the recently deceased Grandpa Grayson (yes, he was the death in the family).

I also don’t buy Natalie’s act of truly being in love with Pappa Grayson, and it seems a little too convenient of her to begin chatting up David. This will not end well, I just can’t wait too see Victoria’s reaction and furiosity when she sees the two together…

Looks like Louise’s brother is sticking around, is actually a Victoria-esque greedy player. Since Louise didn’t pass on any funds towards his political career, he jumped to be Victoria’s lawyer. Was it just me or is there also a cougar story-line in the works for Vic?

Oh Victoria, even after losing your beloved son you still will do anything when it comes to money.

Overall Rating: