Insurgent (2015) Film Review

A perfect follow-up to Divergent…

The factioned society is back for round two, and is more bolder and bigger than ever.

Insurgent, the follow-up to last years relatively successful Divergent is here, and quickly picks up where we last left off. After escaping the clutches of Dauntless and Jeanine along with the deaths of her parents, Tris (Shailene Woodley) is out for blood (with a little anger issues) alongside Four (Theo James) and her brother, Caleb (Ansel Elgort). Her prime target is of course Kate Winslet‘s bad-ass biatch Jeanine, who is on the hunt for all divergent’s to open a mysterious box of hope that will keep the fractions at bay. There’s also a few great additions too, with Naomi Watts joining as faction-less leader Evelyn, and Dauntless member Uriah (Keiynan Lonsdale)

Naomi Watts joins The Divergent Series as fraction-less leader, Evelyn.

Budget has been well-boosted, with the film having some seriously stunning visual sequences along with a great and a little more stripped back soundtrack, with HAIM and M83 providing the epic theme song “Holes In The Sky.”

What gives Divergent its oomph is that it follows in suite with what made it such a hit when compared to other dystopian franchises such as The Hunger Games, with the film exploring the political state of our current society. It pulls on all the right emotions and provokes thoughts on what many feel within social-class warfare, were certain individuals are deemed more worthy than others.

A bigger budget ups the anti in the visual effects department.

Tris embodies the struggle and fights too bring true peace and justice to society, which makes her someone particularly more lovable than the reluctant-hero Katniss. I do wonder though, if this teen dystopian craze is already burning out as the ideas presented in the film are becoming a little same-same, and judging my critics consensus to Mockingjay Part 1 it may soon be the end of an era.

The question is what will Hollywood come up with next? Insurgent although attempts to tackle that question by exploring more territory within the genre.

VERDICT: A fittingly action-packed sequel to a relatively underdog teen-dystopian franchise, which manages to somehow exceed its original predecessor by attempting to re-invigorate the genre.

Overall Rating:


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