How To Get Away With Murder – Season Finale Review

HTGAWM goes out with a bang – and lots of new questions…

Fear not How To Get Away With Murder fans, the show has managed to prove it’s longevity.  After all the show was first either a hit and miss, and was originally planned as a small series… BUT due to it’s massive popularity will now return for a second season.

Let’s get to the juiciness that was the massive movie-length finale.

(Do not scroll past this point if your yet to see the episode.)

Killer revealed… I had my suspicions that Frank was Lila’s killer, especially after he got so offended by Laurel labelling him as a hit-man… Turns out she was onto something as he did indeed KILL LILA.

It was technically still Sam who killed Lila as he contacted Frank to do the deed. Yep, the man is capable of anything to satisfy others needs. As to why Frank did it? He owed Sam a favour… BUT what darn for?

Wes destroys Rebecca… Due to the first-half revolving around the gang questioning Rebecca, and accusing her of murdering Lila we finally got to discover what really went down that night.

But knowledge doesn’t come without consequences, as Wes realised he made a mistake despite her hiding the terrible fact of drugging up poor Rudy which then lead to the season finale closing out with the discovery that Rebecca is DEAD!… WHAT?! NO. I seriously began feeling sorry for her, and just like that she was gone…

Case of the week… Part one of the finale revolved around a priest who murdered another priest after learning of rape within the church (cause who does trust a priest these days after all the media shockers?). Annalise tried her best to worm him out of being convicted a murderer, by generating another web of lies that put his secret lover (who never actually did anything with the priest) into the equation.

In the end the case served as an important lesson for Annalise, to face the consequences of any wrongs she may have committed.

Annalise’s guilt over Nate… So yeah, about that case… It was an awakener for Annalise to get to work and get Nate out of prison – which included him getting beat up (Anyone else reminded of Revenge when Daniel Grayson suffered the same thing to get out of prison?). Nate although was eventually released and contacted a mysterious lawyer that Annalise directed him too.

Yep, another question to ponder over.

Shock diagnosis… Okay it was kind of cliche for the show to be so progressive then make the gay couple go through a shocking HIV storyline. But we will forgive the show there, as it has been progessive throughout its season run already… and HIV is certainly something serious to tackle.

Anyway Oliver is HIV positive *sad face* after he prompted Connor to get a check-up, due to his drug addiction and promiscuity. Karma works in mysterious ways Connor, doesn’t it? It will be interesting to see how this will play it though as it will likely test Connor more than ever.

Could Oliver have contracted it from that previous guy we saw at his place?…

The ring re-appears… Talk about badass, Michaela became Laurel for the night as she finally stopped whining and stepped up into a more confident new self. First off, she told Rebecca like it is. Second, she told it like it is to her ex’s mother that her son was gay… then finally went out to party after accomplishing all of that and began hunting for a new man.

During her celebration one mystery came to a close, that Laurel held onto Michaela’s ring on the night she lost it to keep Michaela in her place and aboard the groups plans. Laurel proved again just why we love her so much, as she’s quite a good judge of character and saw that Michaela was now a better person.  But can I say, NONE of us saw that coming from a mile away… props yet again Shonda and co.

Bonnie lets go... Last but not least, Bonnie is finally seeming a little more human now after confronting the gang over Annalise’s devotion to protecting them and actually giving into Asher’s love for her. She even opened up to Frank about it (who also has a thing for the young ones… except his more sinister). It’s kind of cute seeing the two together, especially that funny little scene of them in the room together before Frank interrupted.

Laurel also knows about the relationship while the one and only Annalise is still in the dark…

VERDICT: A revealing jam-packed finale, that managed to also keep us wanting more – which was a big make-or-break as the major mystery came to a close.

Now, who the hell murdered Rebecca? (Too obvious if it’s Frank right?!). Is Wes secretly Annalise’s son? What did Sam have over Frank? What will happen to Connor and Oliver?!

So many questions, so long to wait. Bring on the fall!

Overall Rating: