The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 13 “The Day I Tried to Live” Recap

Another week of The Vampire Diaries means another 40 minutes of mood swings, we go from despair to confusion to happiness in the blink of an eye. With so much going on it’s almost hard to decide what to feel because in reality everything we feel will probably be shattered by the time the next episode rolls around. Nonetheless it’s time to catch up with the ever confusing characters living in Mystic Falls.

Happy Birthday Bonnie
Yes, Bonnie is still trapped in the prison world and even though her days are repeating it doesn’t mean the outside world is dealing with the same fate. We’ve seen her miss thanksgiving, Christmas and now her own birthday and she hasn’t forgotten the date. There’s no celebrating for bonnie as she spends yet another day wallowing in self-pity.

Just because Bonnie has lost hope doesn’t mean everyone else has, it’s her birthday and they plan on getting her out (finally).  Everyone wants to ignore Caroline and Elena’s ridiculous attempts of throwing a party and get down to business. Elena, Damon and Jeremy enlist the help of Kai (who now has emotions since merging with Luke) in the hopes of finally freeing her. The team finally realize that all Bonnie needs is a source of magic in order to get out and after a quick brainstorm they remember the grave of Silas in Nova Scotia which has traces of Qestiyahs blood dripped on it.  Now thankfully Kai is willing to help and has magic otherwise this discovery would be worthless. After trying to send everyone over Kai is soon overwhelmed by fatigue and they are unable to interact with Bonnie or any objects for, she can’t even see them. It is then decided that Kai will just send Jeremy over to the prison world in order to try and get the message across.

While the other are passing from the real world the fake world Caroline sets on a mission to find Mr Cuddles who she buried years ago. It takes a whole lot of digging and even more flirting with Stefan but she eventually finds (and decapitates) Mr Cuddles. We’re shown real chemistry from these two, is there hope for a relationship yet?
The Birthday Suicide
What I failed to mention earlier is that Bonnie has literally given up hope. We find Bonnie downing some hard liquor and it’s then mentioned by Damon that if being there got too much for them they’d first down the entire bottle and then end their lives…

So the race is on to get the information to her that could well and truly save her life. The loneliness is killer her and we watch Bonnie try to end her life by locking herself in the garage with the car running. While attempting suicide something clicks in her and she realizes she can’t go through with it but is too weak to open the door. Thankfully that’s when Jeremy appears and opens it for her, although she cannot see it and takes it as a sign of good fate that she needs to live.

Although as we know the Vampire Diaries never makes anything simple, he might have saved Bonnie but he didn’t get a chance to lay out the map of Nova Scotia. This because Liv, still angry about the merge stabs Kai before he has the chance, all Jeremy manages to do is knock the map on the floor. Let’s hope Bonnie can figure it out on her own.

Stalking Sarah
Now this is a story line that makes no sense.
Why does Enzo care about Sarah Salvatore?
Why is Matt helping? Against his will I might add.

But nevertheless I’m sure TVD has something ridiculous up their sleeves with this one, last time Enzo was stalking out art shows, but this episode he’s got Matt doing the dirty work. Going to Duke’s campus Matt attempts to make contact with Sarah by pretending he’s into photography… his plan fails quicker than it begun, not so smooth Matt.
This attempt is definitely not good enough for Enzo’s devious plot (gain her trust and get her begging to be turned into a vampire) [why you ask? No one really knows]. They then regroup and Matt tries again. This time he uses the “lost on campus” excuse and somehow gets by on his boyish charm and gets Sarah offering to help him while also grabbing himself a coffee date.

Hope at Last
Praise the writers of the show because we’re finally given some hope in the case of Bonnie. Although the map wasn’t laid out properly Bonnie did notice it on the floor and picks it up to the page that Damon has scribbled on earlier. She gets the hint immediately, claiming Damon to be a ‘genius’ before grabbing the car keys and setting off on an epic road trip.

We’re also given hope on everyone’s favourite vamp couple Damon and Elena; the two have been flirting back and forth for a couple episodes before finally deciding to give it another go. We see some disgusting displays of being a couple in this episode, flirting in the kitchen, kissing after an argument and jumping into bed together so I think it’s safe to say ‘Delena’ is back for good.