The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 12 “Prayer for the Dying” Recap

Things are getting crazy in Mystic Falls, the gang is on saviour mode trying to keep Caroline’s mum alive, while also trying to get some grasp on Bonnie. Are they biting more than they can suck or will the ultimate dream team prove themselves once more?

Blood Transfusions
Remember Dr Forbes’ patient Colin? Well he showed up at Caroline’s house for his weekly check-up, who knew Caroline did house calls!  After a quick analysis and consultation with Nurse Stefan Salvatore, they diagnose him with ‘Vampiracy’ in non-medical terms Caroline’s blood turned this poor man into a vampire, but unfortunately it didn’t cure his cancer and now he’s an immortal being in severe amounts of pain. Can they get to Sheriff Forbes in time to save her from the same fate?

While Ms Forbes was on the high of her latest dose of vampire blood she managed to get the last of her affairs in order and after seeing how this turned out for Colin maybe it’s for the best. Caroline and Stefan finally get the help of a real (witch) doctor and enlist Jo to help out once again. Her suggestion is a full blood transfusion to flush the vampire blood from her system but unfortunately it’s not successful. There is one last hope, Kai. Can he be trusted to drain the magic from her blood, is it worth the risk?

Deal with the Devil
Much to everyone’s displeasure Damon wakes Kai up from his drug induced coma in order to save Liz. He agrees to help; on one condition… the merge happens that night. After many arguments they decide Kai is their last hope and they have no choice but to trust him (and hope they have a plan to rig the merge). The magic draining is a rough process but Kai successfully stole the magic from her body but not without some complications.  After having the vampire blood out of her system the shock of power that was taken for her is enough to put her body into cardiac arrest and she has a heart attack.
Elena is the first to notice and sets to work saving her, but isn’t having much luck. Damon rushes to find another doctor and compels him to save her but once again they don’t have much luck. Liz’s heart gives out and they lose her, Caroline then rushes in and hold her mother’s lifeless body in her arms.

Just kidding! (Well not really, she did pass away and it was enough to make everyone burst into tears) but before Liz passed she had an odd vision of seeing Caroline with a bloody face. After said vision she mysteriously wakes up, with a heartbeat.
Maniacal Merging
Since Kai got his own way (as always) it’s time for the merge! Before Kai gets his chance to become the all-powerful leader of the Gemini Coven, their father steps in and begins the merge of Liv and Luke. Even after they all sat down and it was discussed that it was too much for them to merge, they weren’t ready to kill another. Tyler comes out of nowhere as the merge begins and hits Mr Parker hard enough to leave him unconscious, stopping this merge from taking place. These twins are safe! (For now). Luke then goes off in search of Kai, with his mission to keep him away from Jo.

Even though Jo is nowhere near ready she and Kai then begin their merge, Luke discovers them both at the beginning stage of the merge and Jo is visibly distressed. Luke’s solution is to stop the merge and convinces Kai to merge with him instead (Luke and Kai may not be biological twins but they come from the same bloodline and due to his time in the prison world they are both 22). The merge is an epic battle of magic that results in both participants passing out, seemingly lifeless. Once the world has settled Jo rushes over to Luke desperate for him to wake up, while holding Luke’s lifeless body in her arms Kai rises, victorious from the merge.