The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 10 “Christmas Through Your Eyes” & Episode 11 “Woke Up With A Monster” Recap

So it seems that I’ve been trapped in a prison world of my own because I am ridiculously behind on The Vampire Diaries but you can never go wrong with a little recap, we all know how crazy this season has been! So take a seat and I’ll attempt to catch myself up with the rest of Mystic Falls.

Episode 10: Christmas through Your Eyes (Winter Break)
Bonnie still alone
She’s been trapped in this prison realm for the entirety of the season but she’s still fighting strong! Bonnie tries her best to keep up with Mystic Falls tradition while reminiscing on the good times with the friends she misses so dearly. Other than the very beginning and a couple flashbacks Bonnie is pretty much missing from this episode. It seems the gang is too busy to plan her escape this holiday season.

The Bad News
In this emotional episode we discover that Sheriff Forbes, Caroline’s mum has a cancerous brain tumour and Stefan confesses to Caroline that vampire blood won’t cure her, she’s going to die. This sends Caroline into an emotional downward spiral. (Blunt I know but I’m not one for beating around the bush)

It’s a Christmas nightmare!
Kai is spreading the Christmas panic and has definitely made Santa’s naughty list, his first act of the Christmas season is a family reunion! Kai manages to kidnap Jo with the help of Liv and Luke in an attempt to stop the merge of the younger twins by forcing Jo to get her magic back (by stabbing her with the magic knife).

When it is discovered that Jo must take her magic back willingly, the family begins to turn on one another once again. First Luke flees as he does not want any part of killing Jo, Kai then tries to kill Liv, which is the push Jo needs to become one with her magic again.

Luckily the girls have powerful friends as both Damon and Alaric come to their rescue with the boys chaining him up in Mystic Falls,  although their plan eventually backfires with Kai absorbing the traveller magic and lifting the curse on Mystic Falls. We leave the gang with an invisible Elena as the all-powerful Kai decided to cloak her, turning her invisible and taking her away to plan his next diabolical scheme.

Episode 11: Woke Up With a Monster

Back from their winter hiatus but everything is just how we left it!

The Salvatore’s School of Magic and Vampires
It seems that the Salvatore’s mansion is always the rendezvous point and after this latest crisis of the magical variety we see Professor Liv attempt to turn Jo from Doctor to a Gemini Coven powerhouse. Unfortunately it seems that even surrounding herself in this much magic isn’t enough for her to truly pick it up to the point where she could win the merge. Will extracurricular adventures pick up her magic GPA? Or will we have to say goodbye to yet another character…

Kai’s new puppet

After Kai, the supernatural vacuum sucked up every last hint of the travellers spell he essentially made Elena disappear, making her his magical assistant! Although Kai probably won’t be running away with the circus any time soon, he’s too busy crafting his new found skills and torturing Elena in the process. He can turn her blood to acid, snap her neck by manipulating the air and even managed to melt her daylight ring right off her finger.

After Damon enlisted Liz as his own magical assistant he then managed to lose her, literally… due to a cloaking spell of Luke’s he left with witch-in-training Jo. Unfortunately Jo still isn’t up to Kai’s ridiculous standards of mega magic and their plan is soon derailed due to serious fatigue on Jo’s end.

The Secret Salvatore
At long last, we finally get a glimpse of Sarah Salvatore; we’ve been hearing about her a fair bit and even watched her impersonator get killed by Enzo so really it’s about time she appeared! Stefan (along with Caroline) makes their way to Duke University and Stefan has the opportunity to view Sarah’s art show. His viewing is interrupted by none other than Enzo, who clearly followed Stefan there in the hopes of catching him do something like this. Stefan keeps his distance and eventually leaves at Caroline’s request.

Enzo on the other hand isn’t going so willingly, he has his personal vendetta against Stefan and is going to use Sarah as his personal pawn. How? Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see!

Dr Caroline Forbes

After the heart wrenching news from last episode Caroline sets on this crazy mission to cure her mother, starting with some research and ending up with an awkward road trip with Stefan. Although the specialist gives no news of hope for the Forbes’ Caroline meets a patient in the same position as her poor mother and takes it upon herself to try and cure cancer. Her vampire blood takes to this nameless man almost instantly and soon enough he is up, moving and visibly healthy. Caroline then races home to tell her mother the good news and add a little blood to her tea; it’s almost too good to be true, what a marvellous little scientific breakthrough!

Oh, but aren’t most experiments done in a controlled environment and monitored for days and weeks? Oh Caroline maybe you should have brought future doctor Gilbert with you to show you proper way to conduct these tests…

A cut scene to the hospital shows Caroline’s poor patient much worse for wear, coughing up blood and collapsing on the floor where they presumably meet their end. Not sure where this is going to leave Sheriff Forbes… We’re probably in for more tearful episodes!

A Victory at last

Even though their escape mission wasn’t exactly a success; Jo nearly died from magic exhaustion and Damon nearly staked Elena to death due after a tricky illusion put on by Kai. Luckily the gang are never without Jeremy the hunter and superman Alaric, an unexpected arrow to the chest and a large dose from a syringe to knock him out is enough to finally take the menace down. 

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