Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow (Season 1 Episode 9)

This episode features a haunted house, a bad Halloween costume, family drama and feelings… so many feelings!

We start with a rich starlet arriving at her family’s old house, which has been a secret. The cupboard has a slight weed infestation that decides to go all evil dead and grab the heiress. We then have Ichabod and Abbie sharing the fact they both have lost people who they would celebrate with for Thanksgiving. Irving calls them in to track down our missing heiress; which has Ichabod being slightly bewildered and also a little bit interested in hearing about someone who has a billion dollars.

Turns out our heiress had written a note with Katrina’s name circled. Ichabod is very hopeful that this will lead to some secret about his wife, Abbie is more sceptical but as Ichabod does point out. There isn’t much room for convenience in their lives. Ichabod has visited the creepy manor before and thus they head there and thing quickly turn into full on Scooby Doo. Doors closing mysteriously, rooms going creak, and old men in rubber masks cursing those pesky kids… or something like that.

Following the train of bloody hand prints the gang heads up stairs to see if our heiress is still alive, her bodyguard unfortunately didn’t make it. Every now and then we cut back to a flashback of Ichabod and Katrina walking through the manor, and straight off the bat something seems really suspicious. As the house owner seems way too nice; however Ichabod does set the standard for just all round nice historical people so maybe he is on the up and up.

The camera work is really suffering  here; this show has shown some great work with inventive shots and amazing angels but when it’s forced into close quarters and the keep a fast editing pace it simply can’t make it work.

Ichabod and Abbie find the heiress looked in a cupboard and surrounded by a decently freaky coffin of twigs surrounding her. Ichabod hacks away at some of the branches to find that they bleed. Don’t worry Ichabod…

We then get to see the demon….





Is That?

Ladies and Gentlemen and Others… I present to you. Out tree monster.

While the face design is… uninspired. The real problem is when ever he moves, it’s pretty clear the suit is incredibly restrictive and whoever is wearing it just can’t be threatening.

… Sorry; back to the plot.

Ichabod and Abbie talk to the heiress (yes I know she has a name… I just never bothered to remember it cause I kept expecting her to die) about Katrina C. It turns out the old owner of the manor was a member of Katrina’s coven and offered people sanctuary till this dark force took over. The move into the walls of the house, making the editing and camera work even more claustrophobic and boy does this team not work well in a close environment. This is probably the least tense I’ve ever been in a Sleepy Hollow episode…

This doesn’t help.
The Monster manages to steal away the heiress; apparently being a giant moving tree with an army of crows actually makes you very stealthy.
Treebread always plays Rouge.
Back at the Sheriffs Office we see Jenny awkwardly invite Irving to dinner with the family… after returning the hand guns she stole from him. They have a very cute moment until Irving’s family shows up, Jenny gets some bonding time with Macey, Irving’s daughter. While this is going on Irving and his ex-wife are having a chat about his lacklustre behaviour as a dad. Oh, this hurts. Irving isn’t able to spend time with his daughter due to all the stuff going on in Sleepy Hollow but he can’t explain exactly what’s happening. His wife says that if he misses one more weekend then she’s going to file for full custody.
Abbie meanwhile has been seeing ghosts here and there, leading to her own flashbacks; it turns out that… Katrina was pregnant and as she gives birth crows try and break through the window. Ichabod had a son he never knew about, not only has he not gained family it turns out he’s lost more then he had realised.
Sleepy Hollow, since when did you start breaking my heart?
Ok pause… theory time. So, what if the reason this thing hasn’t killed the heiress is because it’s following it’s original order. To capture the child of Ichabod Crane… Maybe the house owner adopted Ichabod’s son and this makes Lena Gillbert (yes I bothered to learn her name now) Ichabod’s family?
Ichabod and Abbie now are ready for the final boss fight, they destroy enough veins to hurt the creature long enough for them to rescue Lena; through a secret passage Abbie sees in a vision. However Ichabod is not putting up with this dark creature that went after his wife and son; he grabs an axe and shows the creatures of hell you. do. not. fuck. with the Crane family.
While we know that Ichabod’s son and Katrina did make it out safely, it turns out my fan theory is not *yet* confirmed. The big reveal is actually about Abbie and her lineage. The ghost who birthed Icabod’s son and got him and Katrina out was actually Abbie’s ancestor. It’s a nice little scene to really empathise that these two are bound by destiny.
Not the strongest atmosphere for this episode, but in terms of character. A lot happened to set up the next few arcs. Hopefully the monsters are a bit better.