So they have captured the horseman, and he looks fairly well chained up… my question is where they got the chains from. They are going to pick up the remaining team member Jenny and then get Ex-cop (ex living person)Andy so they can interrogate the horseman.

Alright team fistbump!

We then cut to some hunters and the Horseman’s horse…. looks as though one of them is a Hessian, so our secret capture of the horseman didn’t stay secret very long.

Irving and Jenny are going on a side quest to a an antiques shop while Abbie and Ichabod tack down Andy in the tunnels. See I told my DM  sometimes you had to split the party.

The Hessian’s have stolen an artifact which will allow them to break the spells on the Horseman’s cell while also planning to cut the power. In the mean time Ichabod is getting ready to interrogate the horseman. The horseman has Katrina’s necklace… which really shouldn’t come as too surprising guys, we knew Katrina was captured by the bad guys. That’s been the status quo since the show began. However we are now going to get some back story on the necklace; apparently it was given to Katrina by her betrothed; Ichabod’s best friend who we have never heard of till now who is German…

He’s the Horseman cause Ichabod stole his girl…

Oh I’m sorry show, did you want that to be painfully obvious or not? Cause I’m disappointed; while the best friend angle has some good drama to be milked from these two it just feels super sloppy and lazy. We’ve never heard about this best friend till the episode when the horseman speaks? … Lazy.

The back story is rather dull I’m afraid. I do like that Katrina is the one taking her destiny into her own hands, there is no battle between the two guys for her. Katrina is not going to let some stupid old custom dictate her life in a manner she doesn’t want.

Ichabod respects her decision and understands the situation is a result of ‘the meager rights afforded to women at the time’. Ichabod would be all over ‘he for she’.

Jenny and Irving in the mean time are taking down the Hessian’s at the plant; both have good moments and Irving gets to pull out a fairly badass ‘check your maths Adolf’ right before the swat team shows up. Boss.

Ichabod and The Horseman have some good chemistry… well I suppose I should say Ichabod, the Horseman and Andy have good chemistry.  Just as things get tense it turns out that Irving and Jenny missed one of the Hessian’s and the Power Plant is destroyed. Lights out around the Horseman so now only the spell remains.

Back in flashback, Katrina has broken it off and Ichabod decides that on the mission is a good time to come clean and ask for his blessing… what. the. fuck.

Ichabod… there’s a time and a place for everything. And now your duelling your best friend in enemy territory on a secret mission for the fate of America. Oh and look at that Abraham got shot right when a group of Hessian’s appear. Ichabod is clearly getting over emotional about all this and Abbie tells him to sit the fuck down and not go talk to their mortal enemy until he’s calmed down.

Irving and Jenny show up and now the team is together; they are ready to stop anyone from getting in and preforming the druid incarnation. Abbie and Jenny are going to go kick ass with Ichabod staying behind; Abbie is not happy as she knows Ichabod is way to emotional. Then… OH.



That s awesome! There’s the really creepy horror I’ve been missing the last few episodes. Andy has the spell inside his stomach and we see him pull it out. And then he casts the druid spell and all the little skulls on it start moving; oh yes… this is good. See in the break I had with these recaps I watched the first season of Penny Dreadful and now Sleepy Hollow just seems adorably quaint in it’s horror. Still every now and then we get something like this that sends a little shiver.

The Hex is broken and it’s not Hessian’s they have to deal with; it’s mini demons. Thankfully they are one hit kills but when they zerg rush the little buggers are dangerous.

Also the Horseman is free and wants to fight Ichabod in a duel, gee I wonder what reveal this is leading up too.

‘… Abraham?’

Yeah so the Horseman is Ichabod old best friend who got brought back from the dead by the Hessian’s so he could turn into an unstoppable killing machine to destroy the one who took his girl and have a demon force said girl into being with him.

Well at least we know why Katrina has been captured. Not thrilled about the reason but hey, at least its an explanation. We also get to see how one makes a Hessian… apparently its cutting off all your hair and putting on a face mask.

Later on Abbie lays down some hard truths for Ichabod; explaining  that Abraham was free to make his own decisions and it’s Ichabod’s own arrogance to think it was his fault.

You tell him Abbie.

Next week, it appears as though it’s the search for Katrina. Lets bring on the witchy cryptic messages from her!