Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow (Season 1 Episode 10)

This episode sees the return of the sin eater and following up on Ichabod’s missing son, meaning there is a whole host of daddy issues for Ichabod to work through. I am always fairly impressed to see a show have characters go through dark times and not be insufferably annoying as they complain, like some other protagonists can.

Ichabod has called in the sin eater Henry as the only person he knows who is ‘capable of moving freaky mountains’ so that he can try and find out what happened to his son. Henry is going to try and help Ichabod cross between worlds and talk to Katrina, who had never told him because he died before she found out. Which seems very fair. Hunted by her coven who wanted to punish her for saving Ichabod’s life, she then fled and gave her son over to Abbie’s ancestors to take care off. Now… just so I’m clear, the coven was mad because her bringing Ichabod back to life also bought the Horseman back to life? Cept it didn’t. We have clearly seen that the horseman can come back from the dead on his own, all she did was ensure one of the witnesses (you know, those people who have to survive seven years of hardships) also came back to life when the horseman did.

She literally could not have done a better job of working towards saving the world. Her coven is just the worst.

Ichabod returns but it appears he bought something with him… it’s a… well… honestly when I first saw it I thought it was made up of band aids and it really confused me. But now it looks more like, some kind of, mud thing? Is this clay face? Is Sleepy Hollow in the same continuity as Batman? Cause hell yes if it is.

When I goggled Batman v s the Headless Horseman I was severely let down. Come on fanart, how are you not already on top of this?

Ichabod and Abbie plan on doing some digging into Jeremy’s fate, Ichabod is keen to know if he has any descendants running around, potentially six thousand of them. Henry reluctantly agrees to hang around and help them.

Meanwhile Irving is talking to a priest about the witnesses, and is basically told he is going to die. Show I am going to be really pissed at you if you kill off any of the   Scooby Squad!

Ichabod is being a little rude to a Librarian, but it’s ok cause she has ‘suspicious’ written across her face.

Is she a Hessian too? I don’t think we’ve seen any female Hessian’s.
After a cute scene involving mistletoe and no kiss Ichabod, Abbie and Henry find out that Abbie’s ancestor was killed in a fire, most likely started by Jeremy who wasn’t in control of his magic powers yet.
Guess he’s a little fire starter
The librarian runs off only to get crushed to death by the band aid mud monster thing.
Irving meanwhile is going to visit his daughter, he has a bit of a heartfelt scene with his ex-wife, we get a little bit of an understanding about how the fell apart as well as finding out how his daughter ended up in the wheel chair. As they go out for a stroll and get some hot chocolate a demon basically tells Irving to stop or else something might happen to his daughter. Show! I’m watching you, don’t you dare!
Back with the Scooby Squad, they are going through the Librarians things and find out that she was a member of the coven and that the toy Katrina made for her son, aside from being incredibly creepy, ended up becoming a golem. An unthinking creature of vengeance powered by Jeremy’s anger, Ichabod apparently brought it back with him from Purgatory and now it’s off to kill the witches who took Jeremy’s mother from him.
Next on the hit list is the ‘four who speak as one’ the powerful witches hiding in a circus who are the ones that banished Katrina. Ichabod goes to confront the witches, they are… well, a little creepy with sharpened teeth but I’d have preferred they keep the lace veils on, they were beautifully Gothic. Ichabod is very unhappy and the coven really doesn’t do a great job of explaining their actions. A whole load of bull about it being their duty, but yeah, considering they killed Jeremy as well. I’m just not really finding their reasons worth anything.
Seriously all powerful mystic creatures are really stupid.
Ichabod ends up using his blood to put the golem down and tries to let go of his son at the same time. Ok show, I’m not buying it. Jeremy’s death was magical? There is going to be some kind of magic that brings him back. I don’t believe we have seen the end of Jeremy. Although we have seen the end of band aid man.
As the shows ends on a promising note we see the return of Moloch; who says he is going to claim Abbie’s soul and Ichabod will be the one to deliver it.