Kelly makes a triumphant pop return on seventh studio album…

Kelly Clarkson has been a busy woman, with the first-ever American Idol winner having had a baby and getting married. All these life changes prompted Kelly to take a break from pop music…

It was exactly four years ago (2011 to be exact) when her last pop album ‘Stronger’ was released. She although did release a Christmas album back in 2013.

‘Piece By Piece’ although marks her pop comeback, with “Heartbeat Song” kickstarting the new era. To everyone’s surprise (that’s sarcasm incase you didn’t know), Kelly does not disappoint with her new material as the whole album is full of catchy bops and powerful tunes… From dancing to making a statement towards the new generation – this album has everything.

For Kelly her break from pop was well-needed as it allowed her to explore herself and embark on new sounds. Pop is although where she belongs, as she can produce such fine tunes (which are showcased throughout this new album). Oh and did we mention she managed to include a stunning collaboration with John Legend titled “Run Run Run”? And yes, it is amazing as it sounds on paper.

‘Piece By Piece’ is also largely coherent and flows quite nicely along, with the first batch of tunes revolving around more classic Kelly and an emotional exploration, while the latter half delivers some powerhouse pop tunes that showcase a new sound for the Texas-born songstress.

VERDICT: A perfectly arranged pop return for Ms. Clarkson after a hiatus from pop, that delivers both the old and new Kelly.

Whether you may or may not have dug “Heartbeat Song”, don’t go judging the entire album just yet as it was merely a fun bubbly launch to regain interest from listeners.

Best Tracks: Piece By Piece, Run Run Run, I Had a Dream, Let Your Tears Fall, Dance With Me, War Paint, Nostalgic, Good Goes the Bye.

Overall Rating:
 RCA Records