Katy Perry- Superbowl Halftime Show (Review)

Katy puts on the biggest performance of her life in front of millions…

Being asked to perform The Halftime Show at The Superbowl has always been considered a great honor. The artist/ band is usually someone who has had a long, successful career with many hit songs and iconic moments.

Many people were shocked when it was announced that Katy Perry, whose debut album One of the Boys was released in 2008, had been given the honor. The pressure was on, as Katy enlisted the help of her guest performers Lenny Kravtiz and Missy Elliott to assist her in what would definitely be a career defining moment.

Below, we look back at the top three pros and cons:


Vocals: While it is very likely that, due to the size of the Halftime show each year, Katy’s vocals may have been pre recorded (at least partially), it doesn’t take away from the fact that she sounded better than expected. If they were pre recorded, well, it wasn’t all that obvious. Go Katy!

Guests: Katy most definitely made the right choice when choosing both Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott as her special guests. Unfortunately, Lenny wasn’t given as much time on stage as we had hoped. However, his duet with Katy, singing her debut single “I Kissed a Girl” (2008) was an unexpected surprise that worked really well.

Then there was Missy Elliott. Well, what can we say? She totally stole the show. Her two and a half minutes of time on stage was definitely the highlight. Missy took us back 10-15 years with a throwback medley of some of her greatest hits, including “Get Ur Freak On” (2001), “Work It” (2002), and “Lose Control” (2005). The crowd’s response was fantastic, and Katy looked adorable dancing alongside her.

Finale: Katy finished off her set with a gentle, more emotional rendition of “Firework” (2010) than we’ve ever heard before. She was lifted up into the sky as the fireworks began, the perfect ending to her set.


Intro: Perhaps previous Superbowl introductions such as Madonna (2012) and Beyoncé (2013) have now set the standard, because Katys seemed quite uneventful in comparison. Who can forget Madonna’s gladiator themed procession, or Beyoncé’s countdown that led to her fierce ascension onto stage? Katy simply began on stage already. The giant lion was a plus, but overall it was a weak start to the show.

Outfits: We’ve seen many pictures of Katy’s Prismatic World Tour, and the outfits always look on point. It’s unfortunate that we can’t say the same about her Superbowl performance. Not one was impressive. In fact, they all looked quite cheap. Especially the first, which seemed like a poor mans version of the “girl on fire” ensemble from The Hunger Games series. Oh Cinna, what happened?

Beach Set: Katy’s medley of her hits “Teenage Dream” (2010) and “California Gurls” (2010) was given a terribly cringe worthy set. Like a throwback to many of her music videos from the Teenage Dream era, the set was a colorful, childish mess that belongs on a children’s television show. Dancing beach balls, surfboards, palm trees and sharks. We certainly could have done without it.

Verdict: Overall, Katy’s Halftime Show was a strong, impressive one that will no doubt become one of the most memorable of her career. However, it also proved just how new Katy is to the industry. Her stage presence and performance skills most definitely need work, and her catalogue isn’t quite as big as many probably thought.  Whilst Katy is still growing as a performer, this is one giant step in the right direction.

Watch Katy’s performance below:

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