Kat Dahlia – “My Garden” (Album Review)

Kat Dahlia’s ready to dominate in 2015…

Cuban-American songstress, Kat Dahlia is one to watch this year. Her debut album ‘My Garden’ (released January 13) has kicked off a promising year in music, with the gem being filled with personal and catchy tunes.

US Listeners began hearing her voice appear on radio stations, often mistaking her for Miley Cyrus  with Kat having a triumphantly resemblant husky and powerful voice.

She’s already began getting her name out there, with her new single “I Think I’m In Love” recently featuring in an episode of popular US drama, Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a perfect start-up too, as the song oozes pop perfection.

What makes Kat one of the stand-outs this year (so far) is the tunes heartfelt and personal diary of hardships, love and confidence. “Gangsta” most notably is the stand-out as we hear of Kat’s hard- journey to cracking the music industry (similarly to the hardships in Iggy Azalea‘s “Work”) which makes her someone we can relate too and connect with.

But don’t go feeling sorry for her, as she doesn’t want fans sympathy but a realisation on how far she has come as her own person. Along with this, we also get a look into her sensual side on “My Garden” and “Lava” which slow things down a bit and give fans a sexy feel-good vibe.

Along with both her personal journey and sultry sides, Kat also gets all philosophical and romantic with her infectiously catchy “Crazy” and moodily dark but stunning “Mirror”.

VERDICT: An outstanding debut album full of versatile and personal track that make Kat Dahlia a relatable and talented new artist to watch.

Top Tracks: Gangsta, Crazy, Saturday Sunday, I Think I’m In Love & Mirror.

Overall Rating:

Epic Records
‘My Garden’ is available to purchase in-store and on iTunes.