Haim – ‘Days Are Gone’ (Album Review)

Haim are relatively new on the scene (in terms of mainstream playability), although they’ve been making music since late 2007 in recent years they’ve been projected into the spotlight and after listening to their debut album Days Are Gone it’s easy to see why.  Although its official release was September 2013 it’s gained more and more popularity in recent months with the record being recognized as one of the 100 Best Albums of the Decade So Far by Pitchfork Media. Its release has had a long run with the talented sisters releasing 6 singles, which you’ll find yourself easily bopping along too.

You can sense the quirky nature of the girls behind the music with each track giving you a nice balance of fun, poppy, dance vibes with a throwback to the 80s. Each single released thus far has been a perfect representation of what the girls stand for musically but doesn’t cover everything you’ll get from the album.  “Forever”, “Don’t Save Me”, “Falling”, “The Wire”, “If I Could Change Your Mind” and “My Song 5” are groovy tunes with punchy beats that are reminiscent of late, classic pop/rock music with the added power of the latest craze a girl band! Haim slows down the album towards the end with the last 3 tracks truly showcasing their talent as they strip down the theatrics a little and get back to their family roots, lyrics, vocals and chords. “Go Slow”, “Let Me Go” and “Running If You Call My Name” are beautifully crafted tracks that end the album on an even higher note.  

The entire album is incredibly cohesive with their sound not varying too much throughout; it’s full of big personality, unique vocals and emphasis on the rhythm section. It’s not your typical pop release with the sisters intertwining some classic, smooth R&B elements into their sound while still showcasing some of their rock roots. Days Are Gone is such a refreshing release, kooky songs with sweet lyrics and melodic instrumental backing, and sometimes it’s nice to take a rest from the club bangers that have taken the music industry by storm as of late.

Album Standouts: Forever, The Wire, Days Are Gone, My Song 5 and Running If You Call My Name


image: haimtheband