Grammy’s 2015 – Top 10 Performances!

Who was the best performer at this years star-studded Grammy’s? 

Another year, another star-studded Grammy’s fest. But who were the best performers this year?

See what we rated this year’s performers and just who took out the top spot!

*Note* It was a tough one this year.

10.  Gwen Stefani & Adam Levine – “My Heart Is Open”

Always kind of dug this track off of Maroon 5’s recent album ‘V’ as it’s a touching ballad from both Adam and Gwen (who are also currently judges on The Voice – USA).

9. Beyonce – “Take My Hand Precious Lord”

Beyonce went with a cover for this year’s Grammy’s and stunned with her amazing vocals as usual alongside a heavenly church choir setting.

8. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – “Cheek To Cheek”

Lady Gaga still abstaining from pop for a little longer, joined Tony Bennett to sing the title track off of their album ‘Cheek to Cheek.’ Gaga proved her voice is a soulful fit for jazz and she owned the stage alongside Bennett.

It’s nice to see Gaga take on her love for jazz, and we can’t wait to see what she has planned for her eventual pop return!

7. Sia – “Chandelier”

Kristen Wiig joined forces with Maddie in a stunningly awesome choreography routine, channeling both the original video and controversial new music video for “Elastic Heart.”

It was quite unexpected to see Wiig take on one of many Sia personas, and actually go artsy on us rather than making it into a funny parody.

6. Hozier & Anna – “Take Me To Church”

Hozier took us to church with the legendary Anna, with his smash single ‘Take Me To Church” –  which continues to shine in 2015!

Followed by “Take Me Church”, Hozier joined Anna for a melody of her classic tunes.

5. Sam Smith & Mary J. Blige – “Stay With Me”

When does Sam Smith not slay with his live vocals? And with Mary J Blige by your side as your soulful partner, your just asking for an epically beautiful performance!

Continue slaying Sam (who also took out record of the year too!).

4. Katy Perry – “By The Grace Of God”

It was the year of the ballad at the Grammy’s this year, with Katy also serving her beautiful ballad off of her album ‘Prism.’ It tied in with the strongly prominent issue in the US (and around the world) of domestic violence, which made this song a truly emotional highlight of the night.

*Note, the below video isn’t in full due to broken stream links*

3. Ariana Grande – “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”

Ariana continues to shine with her stunning vocals, and she couldn’t have made a better choice then singing her ballad from ‘My Everything’ with “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart” (which was also written by One Direction’s Harry Styles!) which is the strongest track on the album that showcase her vocals.

2. Rihanna ft/ Kanye West & Paul McCartney – “FourFiveSeconds”

Rihanna took to the stage with her brand new single “FourFiveSeconds”, which has achieved mixed reactions from fans and particularly praised by critics. But amidst all the mixed feelings, Rihanna and co. certainly delivered with their Grammy’s performance with Rihanna channeling all the right emotions.

The song closed with Rihanna taking to the crowd for a feel-good breakdown chant. Something tells me this will do good things for the track’s chart performance…

1. Madonna – “Living For Love”

Interacting with the crowd – check, getting everyone up singing and clapping along – check and making everyone “live for love” – double check.

Madonna has certainly made a triumphant return this year and 2015 looks to be her year!

– Do you agree with our choices & what was your favourite performance of the night? – Hit the comments.

Credits: CBS, Hollywood Reporter

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