Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 “Canaries” & 14 “The Return” Recap

So, since I missed last we due to being sick, a quick re-cap of my re-cap… Oh thank Christ they finally told Thea about The Arrow!

And now, episode 14; starting with Thea and Oliver training on the island, until they find out that Merlyn released Slade….

That’s, an awful plan. Like just. The worst.

It doesn’t take long for Slade to get the jump on Oliver and end up locking him and Thea up… see Merlyn, just the worst plan ever.

Meanwhile, past Oliver is back in Starling City trying to stop the sale of the Omega and awkwardly avoiding all the people who are important to his life or will be; cue Felicity being adorable and talking to herself.

We also see Oliver sneak into Tommy’s party dressed in a hood to disguise himself, which makes even less sense. Being a vigilante at least makes some sense with wearing a hood. Trying to sneak into a rich guys party looking like a hobo? That’s not going to work.

We also see Oliver kill Thea’s drug dealer… cause… reasons?

Present time as Oliver is dodging Thea’s questions… and oh my god? Are we really back here after last episode? Seriously script writers, second verse same as the first. We have seen them dance this dance many a time. However Oliver dislocates Thea’s arm and she’s able to reach the switch to open the doors. Turns out we won’t be getting a team up with Captain Boomerang to solve this issue.

In the Past it looks like Detective Lance is… having some personal problems as he makes a huge scene at Tommy, Thea and Laurel. Dude, I know your upset but, harsh. Oliver decides he has to make things right.

In present day Oliver and Thea are running to stop Slade when a booby trap traps them, enough time for Thea to ask again what happened to Sara and holy shit he actually tells her. Is this… CHARACTER GROWTH!!!

I’m so happy right now. Thea… takes it as well as she can however her freak out is put on hold when Slade shows up and Thea and Oliver finally get down to some brother and sister fighting. It comes down to Thea holding the gun to Slade, the build up to whether or not she’ll follow her brothers path or her fathers path. Follow you brothers path Thea… it has Felicity Smoke… and a few others I guess.

Thea has some real drama deciding whether or not to kill Slade, however she’s decides on Paragon and just gives him a flesh wound.

In a flash back Oliver sees a message from his father, saying that he can right his wrongs and save this city. Daddy Queen was an awful father, seriously. That is way to much pressure for a kid. But it means Oliver isn’t going to run away and he goes back to help Maseo stop the sale of Omega. Waller’s boss comes in to tell Oliver that he needs to be debriefed back in China but the second that’s done Oliver and come back home and announce he’s alive…. yeah that’s a trap Oliver. Don’t listen to him.

Captain Lance is talking to Laurel and saying that he will probably never be able to forgive her betrayal. Wow the creators of this show really hate lying, like it is the worst sin you can commit. Killers can be rehabilitated but you lie to your family and you are the freaking dirt beneath their boot.

Speaking of lying, Thea confronts Merlyn and while a lot of her dialogue irks me sometimes. It’s never the actress, cause when she has a good scene damn, Willa Holdan just nails it.

I also really like how pissy Merlyn is with Oliver… like him telling Thea was somehow worse than what Merlyn did.

‘Jeez OIiver, all I did was drug her and make her kill a dear friend… how could you rat me out like that?’