Wait… wait… the mayor did actually remove the entire police force from a suburb because otherwise the local council men would be killed?

Isn’t this meant to be America? My understanding from all the way down under in Koala land was that the National Guard would have been sent in already and that the police force could have just brought out it’s military hardware… you know, for once having a situation that actually warranted it?

Brickwell’s goons are busting up a bar, demanding all the money in the till… whoa whoa whoa… people are still going to work? Everyday life in the Glades is just continuing on. But it’s ok cause Arsenal and Canary are there to kick some ass. Canary’s hair still doesn’t look quiet right. I hope it’s a visual queue to demonstrate she’s still getting use to the role rather than just a poor wardrobe choice.

We get a close up on the pills Captain Lance is taking as he gets off the phone with Felicity, he’s still helping out Team Arrow ‘off the books’. They really want us to keep in mind how fragile the poor guy is.


 I’m getting really excited to see some of the fight scenes with Thea, the choreography is really coming along well. I hope she gets an amazing outfight for when she’s speedy, this show has been good on the costumes… well mostly. Huntress I’m looking at you. Merlyn talks about how eventually she’ll have to become a killer to protect herself, talking that the first life he took was the man who killed his wife. Except… it turns out he didn’t!

Brickwell actually killed Mrs Rebecca Merlyn.

And I love how stupid this scene is; Felicity is basically running files to try and find the next plot point, finds out that Brick killed Rebecca… and it turns out that Merlyn is watching all this from a camera on Felicity’s computer.
Its so beautifully ridiculous, Felicity basically installed showdrama.exe
Oliver meanwhile is trying to head back to Starling (Or have they officially changed it to Star yet?), he’s pretty badly hurt but Katana is keeping him alive… it appears more from boredom then anything else.
Felicity has managed to find Brick, who is held up in the Glades Police Station… how did no one guess that? The only place that might be as heavily fortified is a bank. Although I do truly love the ‘Great, we can add Irony to the list of charges against Brick’. I love you Felicity, don’t ever change.
Arsenal and Canary go in, and I have to ask why isn’t Diggle suiting up? I know he found the green leather confining but… still. He’s an impress asset to have. Felicity is capable of running mission ops. Get him back in the field.
It doesn’t go well, but Merlyn is there to try and kill Brick. Due to some fire and collapsing scenery Brick escapes. And Merlyn is now keen to join team Arrow to help fight Brickwell… the rest of the team debates bringing Merlyn in but Felicity lays down like it is.
Team Arrow decides that they wont take the easy path, cause the second you start making small sacrifices to principles the big ones come next.
Also can we talk about flashback Merlyn for a second… the way we are showing him being twenty years younger is a bad wig and an un-cut suit? We see Merlyn go through his first kill and eventually decide to leave his son… to make sure nothing ever hurts Tommy. See Tommy, your dad left you when you needed him most because he wanted to learn how not to hurt you.
Father of the year.
Laurel decides that they don’t need Merlyn to save the town… all they need is the town. Laurel goes to talk to Wildcat and Roy to Sin; it’s good to see Sin back. I’ve missed her. And with that; seriously just two people you guys can call on? It’s time to go and fight Brick in the streets.
And hold up here! Brick was about to get into a Police car and drive off… the issue I have with this? They have painted Graffiti over it… as in, over the damn wind-shield? Who needs to fight Brick, he’s going to wind up wrapped around a lamp post anyway.
The army of thugs face off against the army of townsfolk… depressingly no one has a pitchfork. Although Diggle does have an assault riffle, so I guess it’s close enough. The two sides run at each other and punch the living hell out of each other… wait… didn’t Brick’s people have guns? Have I been sorely mislead about how easy it is to get a gun in America?
Wildcat faces off against Brick, and I like they feel the need to remind the audience, first when Laurel asks him to help and he’s next to a bright neon sign that says wildcat; and then now when Brick has to ask his name. Wildcat really hasn’t been in the show much of late. However he actually does pretty well again Brick… till Brick gets all Vinnie Jones and kicks his ass… and is he dead? I’m really not sure if Wildcat is dead or not.
Merlyn now faces off against Brick and then suddenly an arrow…. no.
no. no. no.
You did not have such a great set up in the death episode to have him return this anti climatically!
… God dam it.
Disappointed show.
Merlyn is about to kill Brick but Oliver gives him a chance to start becoming a better man. Merlyn does actually back down and Brick is taken into custody. Arrow then makes a grand speech, promising not to disappear again. Wow, that feels so undeserved. Seriously Oliver, this story arc had nothing to do with you… go away and come back when it’s thematically earned.
Sigh, anyway, Sin let’s it slip to Captain Lance that it wasn’t Sara who was dressed  up as Canary since it turns out there are actually two people who don’t know Sara is dead. Her father and her adopted daughter.
Oliver and Merlyn talk and agree to team up to save Thea; which doesn’t go over to well with Felicity who had just finished telling everyone Oliver would never work with Merlyn, while Oliver awkwardly cleared his throat. Felicity also makes an amazing speech about what it’s like to be a hero’s love interest. That’s it Felicity! No refrigerator for you, go do science with Caitlyn from Flash. She’s ready to move on from her love as well. Got to love the science partners!


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  1. I have to theorize that Starling City exists in some alternate universe where state governments disappeared at some point (so no National Guard troops to call on), leaving only major metropolitan city states (why else the emphasis on “You have FAILED your city!”) and a very limited federal government that we only really know exists because of it's occasional clandestine ops. Or maybe Starling City and Central City are in Canada?

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