Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

It’s finally 2015! Which means all our favourite shows will soon return to entertain us for yet another long year ahead… What better way to reflect and note which 10 TV shows kept us glued to our screens in 2014!

10. The Originals 


While a good season last year, it has been a little less exciting with Rebekah being out of the picture.

It although, provided some great Original family drama during 2014 with Esther and father dramas coming into the equation!

9. The Flash


A good start to another DC comics series with a great cast!

We’ve all hoped to have Flash come to life in some sort of form and this series has fulfilled our wishes. We also got a great cross-over with Arrow last year too!

8. How I Met Your Mother


It was the end of an era this year with the long-running comedy coming to an end. It was 10 years of great laughs and an annoying wait to see who the darn mother was.

Contrary to fans hate towards the final, I actually liked the way it went out as it was quite a real (not so happy) ending and always thought the two who ended up together in the end was bound to happen eventually.

7. Teen Wolf


Season 3B and Season 4 aired this year and was pretty gritty and nail-biting stuff!

I enjoyed season 3B more than the 4th season though, even though it managed to go out okay for the year… was also quite annoyed with a certain someones death.

I’m looking forward to season 5 this year though!

6. Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family

PLL improved a lot this season, with the return of a certain someone and was actually quite enthralled with each episode this season… minus the bland Xmas special though.

Also, looking forward to the final seasons to come, as it was also announced that the show will end after it’s seventh season.

5. Faking It


Wow, this MTV show certainly impressed me last year. It’s over the top and full of surprises and stars G.B.F cutie Michael J. Willet!

Also it’s probably the biggest show on TV to represent a bunch of LGBT characters, as the show manages to accompany each member.

Props to MTV for bringing about this little gem.

4. The Vampire Diaries 


TVD stepped up its game this season, as it got quite bland last season.

The fact that Bonnie and Damon were trying to get back from random time-trap made it more intriguing, including the new Gemini coven storyline.

Hope it continues to be great for the rest of the season!

3. Arrow


We’re loving season 3 so far, as more characters have developed and matured with many of them garnering much more spotlight. With the intrigue of the mystery murder and that SHOCK midseason finale cliffhanger this has certainly been an epic start to a promising season.

Can not wait to see what happens after that shock ending in January!

2. How To Get Away With Murder


This ABC show wowed me from the very first episode as it was intriguing, and not afraid to cross boundaries.

And what a breath of fresh air with a full-on portrayal of a gay character, a step in the right direction. Plus, Viola Davis is everything in her role as the flawed professor/lawyer, Annalise Keating.

Can’t wait for it’s return in a few weeks!

1. Revenge


This season has blown me away, and is probably the best season to date with so many revelations and reveals happening throughout the year.

It’s kept me enthralled, intrigued and entertained throughout 2014 and hope it continues to do so in 2015.

There’s a strong feeling too that it will end after this season, with the entire season feeling as if it’s heading towards its big conclusion. If so, I would gladly follow as I’d rather it go out on a high instead of dragging itself out.

Lets just hope it gets a fitting and fulfilling conclusion too!

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