Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 “Kindred” Review

The dust settles as new plot-lines move forward on this week’s Revenge.

Revenge came of its action high this week, planting the seeds for the rest of the season …

A relaunched vendetta?… Victoria went back to dealing with her elitist group of friends as she attempted to launch her Daniel Grayson foundation, which gave viewers a glimpse at her assumed new enemy, Natalie Waters (played by Suits Gina Torres) but will she have more than one enemy to deal with when the show returns?

Upon the final minutes of the episode, viewers were given another shock death (this time off-screen) notifying Victoria that there has been a death in the family. There are two likely victims here as were running short on Grayson’s: either Charlotte or Victoria’s other non-Grayson son, Patrick.

Taking cues from the phone call, it’s likely Charlotte (hopefully not though, as i’m kind of missing her) – who possibly couldn’t deal with her brothers death and ended her life as she has attempted to do so several times. It could also be some other minor character.. some relatives of Conrad? Or could it possibly be ‘bait’ (which the next episode is aptly titled) to make Vic go after the Clarke’s again..

Grrr, Revenge sure knows how to keep us intrigued.

*Side-note* Why did it take me till now to realise that David did the same thing Victoria did to Emily when she was child… Tarnish and damage the image of their loved ones.

Margaux takes a breather… With Vic still not hopping aboard Margaux’s plan to bring down Emily, Margaux took a backseat. Well she attempted to coy Emily into social embarrassment over dating her father (hilarious!) which led to a icy little confrontation between the two.

BUT then she saw Jack, and for a second there she let go of her doomed-to-fail plan as she bonded with Jack over him telling her Daniel was a hero and that she would be an amazing mother. Are the writers trying to re-ignite something here?

Anyway Margaux has got herself into a bit of a pickle now, as her spy has conveniently scored some evidence in which Jack is talking to Amanda over the Kate Taylor murder… Whatever will she do now?

Jack finally deals with his feelings… Looks like Jack has finally come to the realisation that his still in love with Emily (you took your time didn’t you Jack) after seeing Emily happy again with her father.

As we all know, love is a fickle thing (especially in TV drama land) as Emily has given into finding new love in Ben. Timing’s a b***h  isn’t it Jack?

Nolan & Louise drama settled… Turns out Louise’s mum killed her father, and pinned it on Louise by again making her think she was insane (Btw, this plot kinda reminds me of Victoria and her mother way back in that flashback Thanksgiving episode).

Nolan phoned a friend to help bring the truth to light as Emily did some knife-fear technique to help uncover the memories of the night her father was murdered. Emily also managed to help bring back Louise after checking into her old mental clinic after falsely thinking she did indeed kill her father…

In the end Louise and Nolan managed to get the evil mother packing (and her lawyer lover). I still although sense that Louise’s brother is innocent and will eventually hookup with Nolan…

Emily finally happy?…  David offered to help Emily become Amanda again, noting that she has nothing left to keep donning the identity. She cleared her father’s name and made amends with the Grayson’s (well they’re all dead, and Victoria has kind of redeemed herself). But how can you abandon an identity you’ve assumed into for a whole eleven years?

Ben noted that it’s easy to lose yourself in a false identity,  it’s clear that Amanda has really become Emily Thorne as she is certainly not the same girl that she abandoned years ago. For once, she has actually found peace as Emily after struggling to come back to reality this season which thanks to her father has given her that very realisation.

Episode Rating:

It’s a long wait till the next Revenge as the show is on hiatus until March *screams into a teary rage*. To tide you over, watch the promo for return episode”Bait” below:

See you all in March (possibly for the final few episodes ever!)

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