Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 “Abduction” Review

Revenge goes action-thriller…

Talk about a nail-biting episode!

Let’s dissect the night’s events:

Victoria and Emily unite… Who would have thought Victoria actually fear for Emily’s life?!

Yes, the episode began with her blaming her once again but ended with her coming to Ems rescue. You all know how long i’ve been rooting for these two to put their differences aside *giddily jumps around*

Firstly, I knew right away that both Emily and Victoria were working together on the Jack/David plan. Then BOOM! David showed up and Malcolm snuffed out that his daughter was indeed dead, vowing to make David suffer the same with his daughter.

Then everything turned into a nail-biting fight to the death, as not one fave were at risk but four (five, counting newcomer Ben) as David was shot in the leg, Jack and Ben fighting Malcolm’s henchman while Emily was brutally attacked by Malcolm (while Victoria tried to desperately to help out *shock face*) in which Vic came to the rescue and falsely confessed that she killed Kate (or as she put it, killed the “bitch”).

From threatening to burn David’s loved ones to chocking Victoria, Malcolm is defintley the most violent man we have ever seen on the ABC drama!

Anyway, by the end of it Emily nearly incinerated after being hit by a pole (in which Victoria yelled to warn Emily, btw) which led to the eventual six-time shooting from David that made Malcolm Black turn into blackened ashes after entering the very fiery pit he intended for Emily! Bye Bye.

David/Jack & Ben team up! Now that Ben knows Emily is Amanda, he has finally become likeable and enjoyable as Jack’s cop buddy (when I couldn’t stand them earlier in the season, over the yawn inducing change-room chats) as he proved an asset to David and Jack to recover Emily & Vic.

Jack and David seem to also have a father-and-son kind of relationship, in that Jack always ends up proving that his capable of taking care of a situation as David continually brushed off his advice earlier in the episode. If the lover-endgame is truly Emily & Jack, then David would perfectly fit into being David’s nagging father-in-law.

But if Ben is to be Emily’s new love though, they do now seem to share a connection as the closing of the episode saw him share a similarity of having to take on another identity. Ben’s certainly got some skeletons in his closet, and perhaps it has to do with the upcoming *spoiler* arrival of his ex-wife.

Nolan proposes a new way to take down Louise’s mum… While Emily has dealt with pretty much everyone who has mistreated her, Louise continues to be tormented by her mother (who is such a biatch).

I don’t buy her mother’s statement that Louise killed her father (I mean she’s still grieving over how much she loved him) and think it’s yet another attempt to make her think she’s a fruitloop. I can’t wait to see this woman get served!

I’m still running on the belief that Lyman is actually innocent in all of this, and will eventually become Nolan’s future boyfriend. I mean I like Louise and Nolan together, except they seem to share a chemistry just as friends (it feels kind of strange when they pretend to be flirtatious). Only time will tell as the wedding goes forward…

Victoria lets go of David.. While Emily and Vic were locked up together, truths came out as Emily revealed that her father intended to murder her. Shockingly, Victoria acted humbly and wished David and Emily well after going though the ordeal they just faced.

Her path now is redemption as she’s come to the realisation of her sins towards the Clarke’s. All that’s left for Vic now is her son’s child (and her other son Patrick who is busy with his artsy new life while Charlotte [who i’m missing quite a bit right now] continues to recover in her never-ending rehabilitation).

Margaux begins her own revenge… This was kind of an anti-climatic end, I just can’t take Margaux seriously as a villain.  I mean a pregnant bad gal?

I don’t see this storyline lasting, perhaps Jack will come to the rescue and put an end to her ridiculous exposé. If Victoria thinks it’s ridiculous (who takes the cake for being the most over-the-top when it comes to Emily) then it certainly is not worth it. But if this is indeed the last season, something needs to carry it forward.

Overall Rating:
It’s yet another faux wedding! Watch the promo for next week’s episode, “Kindred”:

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