Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 “Madness” Review

This episode was everything a Revenge fan could ask for.

After the mourning tribute to Daniel last week, the show gets back into gear with maximum impact!

Let’s take a full look at this roller-coaster episode:

Emily & Victoria… If your a regular reader you will know by now how much I love when Emily & Victoria are together on-screen (Praise the heavens for giving us Emily VanCamp & Madeline Stowe together in the same show!) and this week’s instalment had me all giddy.

Now that the truth is all out between the two, even more truths were brought to the table with Emily finding the letter that put Kate Taylor on to her tail. That was quick!

Of course Victoria responded in a disgusted manner, exclaming with her usual “How dare you”… deep down she knows that she made a mistake by giving that letter away.

What made this scene so memorable though, is the digging up of the show’s history of Victoria’s questioning of why Emily used her son like a piece of meat and not just leave him out of it. Many fans have also asked the same question, especially last season when Emily damaged Daniel’s reignited flame with the woman Daniel got into an accident with.

Speaking of truths, Emily even touched on David’s plan to attack her, which was shockingly interrupted by Malcolm Black (who must of overheard their entire conversation) and tranquillised both Victoria and Emily.

I love the fact that both nemesis must make their way out of this one.

Oh and did anyone else get teary seeing Victoria discover the secret stash Daniel kept away! Those just-given birth mother and son photos were well placed in pulling on our heart strings. 

Nemily & Louise family drama… Louise’s story finally became more intriguing with the arrival of her brother Lyman! We also got some great screen-time with Nolan & Emily in doing so and actually learned that Louise isn’t as crazy as we thought.

In Nolan’s takedown, we saw that her family are manipulating her medication – which would of eventually led to her losing her life. It was also the reason why she had those visions of her rude mother!

My senses tell me that we haven’t seen the last of her brother just yet, and could the story have tied any perfectly with Emily? – I mean we got to see a compassionate Emily’s understanding of her situation and getting rewarded with the discovery of Kate’s Emily note. Double payback!

The truth is out again!… Not only did Malcolm unfortunately learn the truth about Amanda, but two others also got in on the big secret – Yep, both Margaux and Ben now know that Emily is Amanda!

For once I command Victoria’s actions though as it was putting Margaux’s unborn child in danger and making her become an annoyingly angry woman. Ben luckily was there to hold her when she collapsed, with the favour being paid back after overhearing Victoria reveal Emily’s secret.

For a minute there, I thought Jack would reignite something with Margaux after hearing of her behaviour from Ben and going over to dish the truth. *Side-note* When we say this episode had everything, we really mean it as we finally got to see baby Carl again (who looks a bit older now) as Black made a subtle threat by visiting Jack right where his son was being cared for *bites nails*.

David is a damaged man… Well the theory swirling around that David is actually evil in disguise can be put to rest as the aptly titled “Madness” gave us insight into what happened right after David was supposedly murdered in jail. David was captured by Black’s team soon after being stabbed by season one baddie, “the white haired man” and was forced to conduct gruesome acts to protect his daughter. Reasoning from Black was because he believed that David was a terrorist…

This truly explains David’s erratic behaviour since returning – from murdering Conrad, not being father of the year to Emz, plus acting strange with Vic and planning to kill her (which he has now abandoned by, wait for it… his daughter – because we all know Emily ain’t no killer!).

Next week Emily & Victoria are forced to work together *fangirl scream* :

Overall Rating:


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