It was a fittingly somber return for Revenge‘s 2015 premiere…

Revenge felt relatively brooding and dark after Daniel’s shock mid-season finale death. 
RIP Daniel Grayson… After re-watching the early seasons of the show during the break, the show seemed quite dim, and by dim I mean literally as the colourful Hampton’s had a much darker feel as we farewelled poor Danny!
Only Emily gave the truest and in-depth exploration of just who he was though, which explains why Daniel had such a deep connection to her. She challenged him like no-one else had, too cut ties to his powerful and controlling Grayson name.
In a way, we grew to love Daniel as he represents what many struggle to do. In escaping their shadows, most notably the thirst and drive to step out of a parents wants and control.

At times I found this episode hard to watch because of this, as I was kinda annoyed at Emily too for tainting his name after sacrificing himself for hers. Her speech to Ben undid that though, plus it was her fathers idea too construct the web of lies to not become the next targets of the  a merciless Malcolm Black (who we also got to see for the first time).
David the evil?… I still am onto David, is this part of his game? I mean Victoria’s shock reaction at David’s menacing new motives made her question how he became so cruel.
David is indeed a changed man, from whom the man she wronged. In was of course Vic’s doing anyway, but Vic is onto something… there’s something quite off about David. Only time will tell though.

Nolan and Louise… The unlikely duo continued their friendship as Louise confined in Nolan after learning of Daniel’s death. But as per usual, Louise used it as an advantage to regain the attention of the mother she never heard.
In the process Vic covered her tracks by getting her to steal the envelope that made Emily the target of  Kate Black. Even in grief, Vic manages to cover her tracks yet again..
Her reaction was priceless when overhearing of the mystery of how she even set her target on Emily.
Margaux’s rage… Margaux ain’t buying what Emily’s selling.

She stormed over to see what Vic had to say on the matter (knowing how much Vicky despise Emz), and surprisingly played with the story in which Emily overheard. 

It was quite juicy to see Ems and Vic for once interact with each other now that the dust has settled on knowing that she is David’s daughter. It was just something else, especially when she spotted Emily and said “your welcome”.  Classic! 
Jack the damaged… Aww Jack is always getting the ugly side of the stick, as he now has to deal with having trusted and slept with Black’s deranged daughter all while managing to gain the burden of having killed her to protect his friends.
Seriously, is there anyone on this show who has not been damaged by death? I mean Nolan lost Padma, Emily lost Aiden, Victoria lost her son and Jack lost Amanda, his brother Declan and now a one night stand – who turned out to be pure evil!

Verdict: It was a powerfully-character driven episode that particularly swung its focus on the aftermath of losing Daniel Grayson.
It was a less dramatic and exciting episode as the writers gave viewers time to process and let go of Daniel. I must say, it did feel quite strange without Joshua Bowman’s lively presence on the show and did make me question how the show will feel as we move forward with the rest of the story.
Also, there’s still quite a full feeling in that the show is straddling along to meeting its conclusion.
The promo also mentions a farewell takedown, which again screams that the series finale is near:

See you next week Revengers!
Overall Rating: